7GB SpinTel Evolve Three SIM only mobile broadband plan

$44.50 Per Month
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Broadband Type:Mobile Broadband
Bundle Details:Broadband only
Contract Length:0 months
Data Limit:7 GB
Excess Data:$0.02 per MB
Delivery Cost:$5.00
Broadband Cost Per Mth:$44.50
Equipment Fee:$12.00
Minimum Total Cost:$61.50
Cost of 1MB data:
(included in plan)
Cost of 1MB data:
(excess usage)

Mobile Broadband
7 GB
0 months
per month
(Minimum Total Cost)

The 7GB SpinTel Evolve Three SIM only mobile broadband plan. This plan is not on a contract term. The 7GB is not split between peak and off-peak periods. If the data limit is reached excess data is charged at $0.02 per MB. There is a $12.00 fee for the cost of the SIM card and a $5.00 delivery fee. The plan is ideal for medium to heavy users.

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Plan type
Mobile Broadband
Broadband only
100 MB
Cost of 1MB data
(included in plan) $0.0488
Cost of additional data: $10 per 1GB or part thereof
per month
+ upfront cost $9.95
Min total cost $14.95
100MB Optus 4G My Mobile Broadband Plan
call sales on
1300 768 194
Offer extended until further notice. All for use within Australia
VoIP only
0 MB
per month
Min total cost $134.35
iPrimus Lingo Starter VoIP plan
call sales on
1300 434 427
Broadband only
50 GB
25 GB on peak
25 GB off peak
Cost of 1MB data
(included in plan) $0.0006
per month
Min total cost $419.83
ADSL2+ 50GB TPG broadband plan
call sales on
1300 764 000
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