Engin Mobile Broadband 1GB

$10.00 Per Month
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Broadband Type:Mobile Broadband
Bundle Details:Broadband only
Contract Length:6 months
Data Limit:1 GB
Excess Data:Restricted
Broadband Cost Per Mth:$10.00
Minimum Total Cost:$60.00

Mobile Broadband
1 GB
6 months
per month
(Minimum Total Cost)

Using the Optus 3g network Engin's Mobile Broadband plans do not have any excess usage charges.

All plans are 6 month contracts which is much shorter than most other Mobile Broadband Providers.

This plan is perfect for people who do not use the internet very much at all.   

Great Value for money, plus you can always top up your data online with these available data blocks;

1GB for $10/2GB for $15/5GB for $25/10GB for $40/15GB for $55.

Terms and Conditions:

Once you have used your monthly data allowance, we will restrict your service until the start of your next billing cycle.The Engin Mobile Broadband Service is subject to network limitations and availability. The 3G broadband network covers selected metropolitan areas of capital cities and some larger regional centres. 3G capable devices are required. The underlying network for service provisions is Optus.

Your mobile broadband SIM will be automatically activated 7 days after dispatch. If you would like us to activate your mobile broadband service sooner, just call us on 1300 305 000. Charging for your mobile broadband service will commence from the date of activation.

Early Termination Fees apply. This is calculated as the monthly fee x remaining months OR $25 x remaining months whichever is the smaller.

Your Engin mobile broadband data allowance includes both uploads and downloads. Any unused monthly data allowance does not carry over to your next billing period.

1GB = 1024MB

Cost per MB of Data on our Mobile Broadband Plans:

1GB = $0.010
2GB = $0.007
5GB = $0.005
10GB = $0.004
15GB = $0.003

Hardware comes with a 12 month warranty.

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Plan type
Mobile Broadband
Broadband only
100 MB
Cost of 1MB data
(included in plan) $0.0488
Cost of additional data: $10 per 1GB or part thereof
per month
+ upfront cost $9.95
Min total cost $14.95
100MB Optus 4G My Mobile Broadband Plan
call sales on
1300 768 194
Offer extended until further notice. All for use within Australia
VoIP only
0 MB
per month
Min total cost $134.35
iPrimus Lingo Starter VoIP plan
call sales on
1300 434 427
Broadband only
50 GB
25 GB on peak
25 GB off peak
Cost of 1MB data
(included in plan) $0.0006
per month
Min total cost $419.83
ADSL2+ 50GB TPG broadband plan
call sales on
1300 764 000
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