ADSL2+ 250GB Belong bundle plan

$80.00 Per Month
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Broadband Type:ADSL2+
Bundle Details:Home Phone
Contract Length:1 months
Data Limit:250 GB
Excess Data:Shaped 256kbps
Bundle Cost Per Mth:$80.00
Set Up Fee:$0.00
Equipment Fee:$10.00
Minimum Total Cost:$90.00
Cost of 1MB data:
(included in plan)

250 GB
1 months
per month
(Minimum Total Cost)

Special Offer: Sign up with Belong before 5 Dec 2014 and you’ll get a Chromecast, $0 activation & $10 modem!

A Belong Bundle includes ADSL2+ broadband and a limited phone service. The phone service allows you to receive calls, and make outbound calls to 000, 1223 (free directory assistance), 13 and 1800 numbers.  The cost of those calls are included in your monthly fee, which means there are no extra charges. To make other types of calls, such as interstate, international and mobile calls, you can use a calling card. $150 activation fee will apply in place of the $80 activation fee if a new line needs to be installed.

The large service plan is huge, perfect for the serious internet user or if you live with a lot of people.

See what you can do with 250GB a month

With 250GB you could:

  • Stream over 40,000 songs,
  • Watch YouTube for over 400 hours straight or
  • Download over 120 HD movies.

And that’s on top of your normal web browsing, shopping and chatting.

Belong Modem

Your Belong modem normally costs $99. If you join Belong by December 5th 2014 you’ll get a modem for $10. Limit 1 per household.


Our plans provide maximum download speeds of up to 20Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 1Mbps with ADSL2+. Actual speeds vary due to a number of factors such as your distance from an exchange, the network connecting the exchange, your equipment and software and internet traffic. Devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable.

One simple data allowance

We don’t distinguish between uploads and downloads. It’s all just part of one allowance that you can track as you go.

Never go over your budget

If you happen to go over your data allowance, your connection will slow down to 256kbps, but we won’t charge you extra. So you always know where you stand.

No unexpected costs

We understand that things change sometimes. So if you need to switch your plan or cancel your service, we won’t hit you with fees or penalties.

At Belong your uploads and downloads are all part of one data allowance that you can use any time of the day or night.

We’ll provide you with an ADSL2+ service up to 20Mbps down and 1Mbps up. And we’ll charge you one flat rate, no matter when you use it.

Be rewarded for staying

We're saying thanks for staying with a Loyalty Bonus - For every 6 months you stay with us we'll add 5GB to your plan (up to 50GB).

It's easy to Belong.

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Plan type
Mobile Broadband
Broadband only
100 MB
Cost of 1MB data
(included in plan) $0.0488
Cost of additional data: $10 per 1GB or part thereof
per month
+ upfront cost $9.95
Min total cost $14.95
100MB Optus 4G My Mobile Broadband Plan
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1300 768 194
Offer extended until further notice. All for use within Australia
VoIP only
0 MB
per month
Min total cost $134.35
iPrimus Lingo Starter VoIP plan
call sales on
1300 434 427
Broadband only
50 GB
25 GB on peak
25 GB off peak
Cost of 1MB data
(included in plan) $0.0006
per month
Min total cost $419.83
ADSL2+ 50GB TPG broadband plan
call sales on
1300 764 000
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