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Who are Engin?
  • Greta deals on international calls
  • Good value ADSL2+ Broadband
  • Bundle and Save
Adam Wajnberg
Is Google Too Big To Fail?
  • Would we survive a Google crash?
  • How would society look without Google?
  • Would the government bail Google out?
Sam Robotnik
Engin Broadband Internet Service Provider Details
  • Engin offer economical broadband and home phone plans
  • Especial focus on VoIP phone services
  • Bundle your VoIP service with your internet
Alana Faigen
Who are the VoIP providers in Australia?
  • Find VoIP services to suit your needs
  • Consider which plans are bundled with VoIP to save money
  • Bundle with Naked Broadband to avoid landlines
Alana Faigen

About Engin

engin  – Australia’s leading VoIP company

Engin has been bringing their VoIP services to the Australian consumer and business markets for the last nine years. Customers have a choice of bundling their VoIP telephone service with one of Engin’s ADSL2+ broadband plans (in selected areas), or purchasing a standalone VoIP pack which can be used with any broadband service.

Engin provides their VoIP services to almost half (44%) of the Australian broadband market. They allows any broadband user to make or receive calls using their internet service, while enjoying low monthly access fees and cheap call rates, even for international calls.
Broadband customers with Engin do not pay any excess download fees. Instead, customers who exceed their cap have their broadband speed shaped to 64kbps.

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