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Why do I need a phone line for Naked ADSL?

Hi. I need help comparing naked broadband Internet with adsl. We want a 6 (possibly 12) month contract. I live in Kingsley, WA. I have rung up once before and was told I need to get a phone line put in by Telstra. I don't understand how all this works and is frustrating the hell out of me. Please if someone can help me connect to the internet ASAP I would be forever grateful. This whole process is painful.



Hi Catherine,

The real question is: why do you want Naked ADSL? I imagine it's because you don't want to pay for a home phone service that you don't need or want. That's fine, but it overlooks how ADSL works. Many people dismiss learning how the internet works, but not taking the time to learn how something works can indeed make dealing with it a 'painful' process.

What is ADSL?

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology is a blanket term covering any connection made from your home to an internet service provider, when that connection is made over a standard copper telephone line. That 'A' stands for Assymetric, indicating that DSL in Australia is configured to be faster when downloading than when uploading. The 2+ standard (ADSL2+) is simply the most recent and fastest variant of this technology.

In the past, the phone line was provisioned with a voice service by default. As mobiles became better and cheaper, people started to abandon the use of landline telephone services.

The problem is, the lines belong to Telstra and their systems are decades old. The phone services came first, and in time everything else that used the copper line (such as fax, alarm Systems, and yes, ADSL) was 'bolted on' to the underlying phone service.

What is Naked DSL?

Naked DSL was an industry answer to that. It provided JUST broadband over the copper landline, with no phone service. Unfortunately, it has become a nil-sum game; the cost of provisioning a 'Naked' line is double what it costs to setup and maintain a bundled line. WHY it's this way is very complicated, and it's barely important anyway- the point is, getting a bundled phone + internet service is cheaper than getting a Naked line - it's cheaper to connect, cheaper month-to-month, and cheaper and easier to transfer from one provider to another.


Does it matter why? We're here to clarify issues, not necessarily act as an advocate for the service providers and how they charge for services. The point is, you could get a bundled service and pay less than you would for Naked - and just ignore the telephone voice service. Instead of getting a double adaptor to the telephone socket, with one port for a telephone handset and another for your modem, just plug in the modem directly. There- you have 'Naked' DSL for the purposes you need it.

But I don't have a telephone socket in the house.

Are you sure? Most homes had a socket put in as part of the utility planning when the house was built. If it's a new estate or home where phonelines weren't put in, then yes, you may indeed need to call Telstra to have a landline put in, linking you to the telephone exchange, where your line can be linked to the internet.

Nope. Forget it. I refuse to have a landline.

Ok, but then your option is mobile broadband, what some people call Wireless. This is where a modem connects via radio to a mobile tower, where a data connection is made to the internet. This makes your connection portable, easy to set up and best of all - no landline required!

But naturally, there are some drawbacks. You're not using a direct line to the internet - you're wirelessly hooking into a signal broadcast, just like with mobile phones. This will mean slower speeds in most cases (the average speed for fixed-line data is 4400 kbps, for mobile data it is 1900 kbps). And of course, there are issues with signal strength, low data allowances, and a shared network that can become easily congested.

So ask yourself: are you religiously tied to the idea of not paying for a landline, or are you trying to get the fastest, most capable and best value internet connection?


TPG 100GB Bundle - $20 Internet, $30 line rental ($50 monthly bundle price). Call 1300 106 571

Club Telco Unlimited Regional (for rural and regional areas) - $60 unlimited data, $30 line rental ($90 monthly bundle price). Call 1300 138 155

Dodo 18GB Mobile Broadband - $69/month. Call 1300 136 793

If you need any further info or assistance, please call us between 9 am and 7pm, Mon-Fri.


Adam at CompareBroadband

1300 106 571



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