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I currently have two Optus mobiles plus home phone plus TV all from Optus.

I am in receipt of your "Supersonic Sonic" promotion leaflet. Having recently set up an ADSL2+ modem for a relative (on TPG) I am a bit disappointed at the cost and performance of my current Optus Internet (Motorola 5102 modem). I am considering changing to TPG - their 1Mbps and 4Mbps - is far cheaper and faster than what I have at the moment - please advise 1 What are the Optus options I have to match TPG and 2 if there is any contractual provisions which preclude me changing over?

You’ve contacted Compare Broadband. We are a free broadband comparison website. We are associated with Optus, but if you need to talk to them directly about your current contractual obligations you should call them directly on 1300 137 897.

We are a dealer for TPG, so if you are interested in learning more about their plans you can call us at 1300 106 571. As we compare all of the major broadband providers’ plans in Australia, you should be aware that if available in your location, TPG is currently the cheapest provider of ADSL2+ and ADSL2+ home phone bundles.

However, this form of internet works on a copper phone line, so you would need to keep your TV service through Optus, as it runs through a coaxial cable. TPG also has deals on adding mobile phones to their plans, so it’s definitely worth considering them.

When you call Optus to see if you are still under contract, it is worth comparing its best ADSL2+ bundle plans, as Optus Fusion plans include all calls to local, national and other Optus mobile phones.

TPG’s ADSL2+ bundle is great for fast, cheap broadband with tons of download data, but you only get an option to pay $5 a month extra for unlimited local phone calls. National and calls to mobiles are charged on top of your monthly plan fee, so people who use their landline phone a lot would probably go for Optus in this scenario.

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