3 Like Home customers can now access Vodafone networks for international roaming in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong and Italy.

Until recently, 3 Mobile customers travelling overseas had to use separate networks for roaming from their Vodafone counterparts. Hutchison 3 merged with Vodafone Australia in early 2009, creating Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA), and so combined international roaming has been a long time coming.

Vodafone's networks are welcome additions to 3 Mobile users, who previously had a much smaller list of 3 mobile networks to access when travelling.

3 Like Home customers used to only be able to access data systems from selected 3 networks around the world, but for as little as 50 cents per megabyte. This is quite cheap when compared to most other Australian mobile wireless broadband providers’ roaming fees.

Although Vodafone has recently slashed international roaming costs, shaking up the Australian roaming market, it doesn’t look like these ultra-cheap 3 Like Home prices will apply to the newly accessible Vodafone networks.

On this subject, Vodafone’s head of post-paid plans, Jason Blair, recently said, "We're working through options for what we might do for Vodafone (networks) next year."

It wouldn’t be a new business decision for 3 Mobile to replicate Vodafone prices when offers are finalised. VHA has already implemented changes such as letting 3 Mobile customers call Vodafone customers (and vice versa) for free, when previously each provider only allowed free calls within their own brand.