If first-class customer service is important to you when choosing an internet service provider, you’ll be pleased to know Westnet has been voted best ISP for Customer Service for the last seven years in a large-scale Whirlpool survey.

Westnet offers new and existing customers loads more data if they choose to bundle their internet service with one of Westnet’s home phone plans.

There are a range of ADSL1 internet plans available as well as two different home phone plans to choose from.
There are four different maximum speeds available on ADSL1: 256kbps, 512 kbps, 1500kbps and 8000kbps. A 256-512 speed may be a bit slow for many users, but it will still be quicker than dialup. These speeds are sufficient for occasional web surfing and emailing. If you will be viewing a large amount of images and would like to stream videos, we recommend a speed of at least 1500kbps.

Westnet has a $79.95 setup fee for new broadband customers, or if you already have a broadband connection with another internet provider and you’d like to transfer straight over to Westnet, you’ll only need to pay $39. If you sign up to a plan for 24 months, Westnet will subsidise the cost of a new Belkin modem. Plans are available either on a 24-month or no contract length.

$29.95 +Home phone line rental = 5GB+5GB (256kbps)
$39.95 + Home phone line rental = 10GB+10GB (512kbps)
$49.95 + Home phone line rental = 25GB+25GB (1500kbps)
$59.95 + Home phone line rental = 30GB+30GB (1500kbps)
$79.95 + Home phone line rental = 40GB+40GB (8000kbps)
$99.95 + Home phone line rental = 50GB+50GB (8000kbps)
$129.95 + Home phone line rental = 50GB+75GB (8000kbps)

(Peak+off peak)

The peak time for plans which are priced $59.95 or less is from 8am-2am. Plans which are priced $79.95 or more have a peak time from 9am-1am.

There is a choice between two different home phone plans you can bundle your internet service with. There is a $29.95 plan with 20c local calls or a $31.95 plan with 17c local calls.

Pros: Cheap local calls, choice between no contract term and 24-month contract, first-class customer service, no excess download charges.

Cons: Plan pricing is not as competitive as some of the other providers, there are no calls included in the plans, downloads are split between peak and off peak times.

Similar plans to the Westnet bundles are the home phone and internet bundles with iiNet and iPrimus.

These plans are available as of July 2010 but are subject to change.