Exetel slashes cost of ADSL 8,000kbps plans

Internet service provider Exetel has cut the cost of its ADSL1 plans on the fastest speed of 8,000kbps.

Customers who are unable to get ADSL2+ at their local phone exchange but want the fastest speeds available generally have to pay more for a faster ADSL1 connection.

However, Exetel is now offering 10GB on peak and 20GB off peak at 8,000kbps for $45.

To qualify for an ADSL1 plan, you must be on the Telstra network, and you will need to pay a $120 set-up fee as well as the monthly plan cost.

Exetel will shape the internet speed down to 512kbps once a customer has exceeded their monthly data allowance, although there is also the option to be charged for excess data at $1 per GB instead.

Customers should be aware that the actual broadband speed received will depend on the state of the copper wire running to the property and the distance from the exchange.

It's also a good idea to compare some bundled internet and home phone plans, as internet service providers often offer a discount when these services are bought together.

Exetel ADSL1 8,000kbps plans. Off peak is 2am to 8am

Plan    Set-up cost    Contract      Cost per month    On peak GB    Off peak GB

TE-K   $120.00         6 Months     $45.00                  10 GB             20 GB
TE-L    $120.00         6 Months     $55.00                 15 GB              30 GB
TE-M   $120.00         6 Months     $65.00                 20 GB             120 GB
TE-N    $120.00         6 Months     $75.00                 40 GB             120 GB
TE-O   $120.00         6 Months      $85.00                 80 GB            120 GB
TE-P    $120.00         6 Months      $95.00                120 GB           120 GB