Netspace ADSL1 Plans: cheaper plans with more download

Netspace has recently updated its ADSL1 plans. If you’re in an ADSL1 area, you’ll no longer be limited to expensive plans sprinkled with small amounts of data. Netspace’s new ADSL1 plans shoot all the way up to one terabyte.

Internet speeds

There are three speeds on offer: 512kbps, 1500kbps and 8000kbps. If you plan on doing any music or video streaming, at Compare Broadband we recommend a speed of at least 1500kbps. The 8000kbps speed has become popular with ADSL1 customers as most ISPs have continued to decrease the price for the premium speed.

Contract length

Netspace has always been one of the most flexible providers in terms of contract length. You can sign up to plan on a six, 12, 24 or a no fixed-term contract. If you sign up for a longer contract period, Netspace provides you with a healthy discount on your setup fee. For example, if you BYO modem, you’ll receive a discount of $149 on your setup cost if you sign up to a 24-month contract.

Bundle and save

When you bundle a Netspace ADSL1 service with a Netspace home phone, Netspace will discount the monthly cost of your broadband and add more data for you to use each month. There are three home phone plans on offer:

Lite#: $29.95 monthly line rental
Value 50: $59.95 monthly line rental - $50 included call credit
Value 120: $79.95 monthly line rental - $120 included call credit

Netspace ADSL1 bundle plans

ADSL1 Home – 1 512kbps 5GB+5GB $34.95
ADSL1 Home – 2 1500kbps 50GB+50GB $49.95
ADSL1 Home – 3 1500kbps 100GB+100GB $69.95
ADSL1 Home – 4 8000kbps 50GB+50GB $69.95
ADSL1 Home – 5 8000kbps 200GB+200GB $89.95
ADSL1 Home – 6 8000kbps 500GB+500GB $119.95

Netspace ADSL1 standalone plans

ADSL1 Home – 1 512kbps 5GB+5GB $39.95
ADSL1 Home – 2 1500kbps 25GB+25GB $59.95
ADSL1 Home – 3 1500kbps 50GB+50GB $79.95
ADSL1 Home – 4 8000kbps 25GB+25GB $79.95
ADSL1 Home – 5 8000kbps 100GB+100GB $99.95
ADSL1 Home – 6 8000kbps 200GB+200GB $119.95