Most major Australian broadband internet providers now offer high speed ADSL2+ services to eligible customers. ADSL2+ speeds can vary between each provider, with the maximum speed available up to 24,000kbps. This is the fastest internet connection possible along the copper wires that also provide a home phone service.

The actual speeds you will receive with an ADSL2+ broadband internet connection will depend on the distance your house is from the telephone exchange. The technology behind ADSL2+ means the further the data signal travels along the copper wires to your house, the slower the speed will be.
For example, if you live less than 1 kilometre from your local telephone exchange and have subscribed to a 24,000kbps ADSL2+ connection, such as the service offered by TPG internet, you can reasonably expect a service speed around 22,000kbps.

However, if your house is five kilometres from the exchange, it is likely you will only receive speeds of around 2000-4000kbps. This is still faster than an ADSL connection at your address but it is important to realise you may not receive the full 24,000kbps advertised by many Australian broadband providers.

Naked DSL connections use ADSL2+ technology and the speeds you receive with a Naked DSL broadband internet connection will be similar to an ADSL2+ service.
By provider:


Telstra Bigpond’s ADSL2+ service boasts speeds up to 350 times faster than a dial up internet connection. An ADSL2+ broadband connection with Telstra offers speeds up to 20Mbps (20,000 kbps.) Telstra Bigpond also claims to have the largest ADSL2+ network in Australia.


Dodo ADSL2+ broadband internet connections enable speeds up to 20,000kbps depending on the infrastructure at your address, your computer specification and network availability. Dodo also offers Naked DSL broadband connection to eligible customers.


Exetel ADSL2+ services reach speeds up to 18,000kbps in available areas. Exetel Naked DSL broadband services are also available in most areas where ADSL2+ infrastructure is available.


Internode offers Extreme ADSL2+ broadband connections reaching speeds up to 24,000kbps to eligible customers.  In some areas Internode offers a ReADSL2+ (Reach extended) to boost ADSL2+ speeds when the connection is a long way from the exchange.  Internode also offers a range of Extreme Naked broadband plans, which provide ADSL2+ speeds without the need for a monthly home phone line rental.


Netspace offer both ADSL2+ and Naked DSL broadband internet connections to eligible customers that reach speeds in excess of 20,000 kbps depending on the infrastructure in your area.


TPG internet has a range of ADSL2+ and Naked DSL plans with maximum speeds up to 24,000kbps in available areas. TPG is installing ADSL2+ and Naked DSL infrastructure in exchanges all over Australia.


iPrimus ADSL2+ broadband internet connections reach speeds up to 20,000 kbps to available households.


Optus offers a single speed of broadband internet connections and will provide the fastest possible speed available in your area. The actual speed you receive will depend on a number of factors, including the available infrastructure in your area.