If you have a small business, getting a business plan for your internet connection has several advantages over a normal residential broadband service. The main plus is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) values your service more, and so the level of technical and account support is increased exponentially.

Often, the ISP will use a special type of phone line for your connection to run on, which is more stable and faster than normal ADSL2+ lines. This will ensure your business’s success has nothing to do with the technological side of things.

Here are some business plans from a couple of the broadband industry’s leading providers, TPG and iiNet:

iiNet business plans ensure your company never has to deal with 'down' time. iiNet uses Bonded DSL, which is essentially two ADSL2+ broadband connections that have been wired together, creating one super-fast and stable service. This connection can run at speeds of up to 30Mbps.

iiNet also offer AnnexM, an ADSL2+ service add-on feature that will boost your upload speed up to 2.75Mbps, twice the speed of normal ADSL2+ connections. This addition allows you to use multiline VoIP services, do video conferencing between many people, send large files, and stream important content at a faster rate.

iiNet’s business ADSL2+ plans split their data in half between peak and off-peak times. Plans start at $59.95 for 20GB, then increase to $79.95 for 200GB, $99.95 for 400GB, or $129.99 for a terabyte. You get 15-cent local calls if you add on the $9.95 per month Business VoIP option. If you want a landline phone for backup you can pay $35.95, with local calls charged at 16 cents per call.

All plans can be bundled with iiNet’s BoB modem, which can either be rented for $9.95 per month, or bought outright. Note: If ADSL2+ is not available in your location, iiNet also has business ADSL ‘Broadband 1’ plans, which run at speeds of 512kbps, 1500kbps, or 8000kbps.

iiNet offers business users a premium level of technical support, as well as specialised computer support. This service is a partnership with Quick Knowledge, a dedicated on-call support company that helps to solve issues with both software and hardware in the office.

iiNet provides businesses with a static IP, 1GB of included web space and 20 mailboxes for email. Plans have no excess usage charges, as they’re shaped when you reach your monthly data quota. Call iiNet on 1300 106 571 to sign up to this plan.

offers a choice of either normal ADSL2+ business plans, or ADSL2+ Unlimited business plans. The normal plans come with 30GB, 50GB, or 100GB per month, charged at $59.99, $89.99 and $129.99 respectively. These plans have no peak or off-peak times, but are slowed down when you reach your monthly data limit.

TPG’s ADSL2+ Unlimited business plans cost $59.99, $69.99, or $79.99 per month. These plans have no data limit, but speeds are adjusted around working times. All three plans offer up to 20Mbps from 7:00am to 7:00pm each day. The three different prices relate to the speed of the connection during off-peak times, which ranges from 512kbps, to 1Mbps, or 4Mbps on the most expensive plan.

If you need to provide your staff with a mobile phone for work purposes, TPG offer all the $14.99 mobiles you need when bundled with its business ADSL2+ plans. Each phone comes with $300 of call credit.

TPG ADSL2+ business plans require a valid ABN/CAN number when you register.