Broadband jargon 'too hard to understand'

A poll shows 91% of Australians believe complex internet jargon makes it too difficult to choose a plan, despite efforts from the ACCC to make the broadband market more transparent.

In a poll by Compare Broadband, site visitors were asked, ‘Do you think broadband providers use so much complex jargon it's hard to choose a plan?’ The resounding answer from 91% (499 votes) of 549 total voters was ‘Yes’, while only 8% (44 votes) said ‘No’, and 1% (6 votes) of people ‘didn’t know’.

Compare Broadband spokesperson, Jesse Somer, said: "Australians are obviously confused about how broadband internet is being marketed to them and this means many consumers could be overpaying for their broadband.

"The ACCC has had some success in enforcing legislation against Internet Service Providers (ISPs) using deceptive or misleading advertising but perhaps it should now work with ISPs to ensure all broadband plans are sold in clear, simple terms."

The ACCC has promised to crack down on ISPs who use internet jargon with the intent to deceive customers. However, ISPs appear to be using terms to describe broadband that are unfamiliar to the average person, which could unintentionally confuse customers.

Ordinary consumers can be put off by terms like Gigabytes, mobile wireless bundle deals and Naked DSL, especially if terms differ between providers.

Fortunately, comparison sites such as Compare Broadband can help consumers cut through the jargon to help them find the best broadband plan for their needs.