Foxtel offers service on Xbox 360

Foxtel has teamed up with Xbox 360 to offer pay-TV and movie on demand services over the internet, without the need for installation or any long-term contracts.

The Xbox 360 has internet connectivity, which can be used to play games and chat to other players online. But with the new service from Foxtel, gamers can also watch live TV, catch-up TV and movies on demand without having to sign up for a cable connection.

In order to access the service, users need a Foxtel on Xbox 360 online profile, an internet connection of a minimum 1,500kbps, an Xbox 360 console, a subscription to Xbox LIVE for FOXTEL On Demand access or a subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold for channel packages.

Prices start from less than $20 per month and additional packages from $10. Alternatively, customers can rent individual movies without paying a monthly subscription.

The service works through an internet connection, so not all broadcasts – such as AFL games - will be available due to issues over rights.

Xbox owners who are interested in the offer should check they have enough data on their plan and a high enough connection speed. All the content downloaded will be counted toward the monthly quota, so it might be worth switching providers or upgrading your plan before subscribing.

According to Foxtel, an hour of high-quality TV uses up 800MB of data, medium quality would use 540MB and low-quality 360MB. Foxtel will allow customers to change the quality setting on the console, in order to save on data.

At the highest quality setting, this means a family could get through around 50GB a month simply by watching two hours of TV a night, so it is important to select a plan with plenty of data, such as TPG's Unlimited ADSL2+ bundle for $29.99 (when bundled with a $30 home phone line) or iiNet's 400GB plan for $69.95 a month.

Call TPG on 1300 106 571 and iiNet on 1300 106 571.