• Exetel rapid transfers
  • TPG rapid transfers
  • Netspace rapid transfers

Are you looking to upgrade your internet plan with a different internet provider? Don’t disconnect your present connection just yet. Changing from one provider to another is deemed a ‘churn’ or rapid transfer. It is faster and cheaper than disconnecting your existing connection and then starting a new contract from scratch.

Rapid transfers generally mean your internet connection will only be down for 2-5 hours during the changeover. This is better than not having internet for 4-6 working days to set up a new broadband connection.


Exetel rapid transfers

If you are looking to change to an Exetel ADSL or ASDL2+ plan, a rapid transfer will cost $40, while a new Exetel connection costs $60, $95, or $120 depending on which specific plan you are signing up to.

So, no matter how much you want to show your current provider you are unhappy with their service by cancelling, your best option will be to hold on and let the new provider do things for you. That’s right – when you churn your new broadband provider will take care of everything for you. You don’t even have to contact the current internet company.

TPG rapid transfers

Another good example is TPG. With TPG you can churn on ADSL1 or ADSL2+, but ADSL1 to ADSL1 rapid transfers are done for free. This is opposed to the normal $60 contract set-up fee. ADSL2+ churns are not free with TPG, but they do have a free contract set-up on 18-month ADSL2+ plans anyway.

Netspace rapid transfers

Netspace can do ADSL churns in 2-6 hours, and ADSL2+ churns in 0-10 minutes! Netspace rapid transfers are done for free with any contract of 6 months or longer, and if you choose a 24-month contract you can also receive a standard ADSL2+ modem for no extra cost.

Internode rapid transfers

Internode’s normal contract set-up fee is $129, but this is reduced to $39 for a churn, and waived completely when you sign up to a 24-month contract.

Internode suggests you do contact your previous internet provider after the churn has been completed in order to finalise your account there. This is because some providers enforce specific notice periods for the cancellation of a contract.

Internode says a typical rapid transfer takes around 1-2 hours to complete, although the process itself will occur 3-5 days after application. This is pretty typical of all providers.

It is in your best interest to order a churn around 8-10 days before your current monthly charging period expires, so you can minimise the chance of being charged by your current provider for the entire next month on your contract. Do not disconnect your current broadband connection. Do a rapid transfer/churn!