The best ADSL2+ broadband bundle plans for large families

If you have a large family, or at least a family with several members who use a lot of internet and/or make tons of telephone calls, it will be in your best interest to find a suitable broadband plan for your heavy level of usage. You don’t ever want to deal with a huge bill caused by excess internet charges or phone calls again, so here are a few plans to help you on your way.

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Big Broadband Bundles

These plans are the best on the market for people who want copious amounts of download data, as well as cheap or free phone calls.


TPG has an incredible plan for families who need a lot of internet data, but don’t use the landline phone much (For example, everyone in the family uses mobile phones for calls). We mention this plan first because although you don’t get any free calls, the broadband is currently the best deal in Australia.

For $29.99 a month you can get either unlimited ADSL2+ broadband, or 500GB split 150GB peak/350GB off-peak, depending on which service is available in your location. This is bundled together with a $30 landline telephone rental.

Engin VoIP Note: This TPG plan could be great when bundled together with an Engin National VoIP Plan for $14.95 per month (Voice over Internet Protocol). This is where you make phone calls over the internet. You’ll get unlimited local and national calls on the 12-month contract, which includes the Engin Voicebox for free (+$14.95 delivery fee).

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iiNet has its ADSL2+ Home 2 plan for $49.95 with 200GB, split 100GB in peak and 100GB in off-peak. This broadband plan can be bundled in numerous different ways with iiNet’s telephone service in order to get very cheap phone calls. For example, you can pay $29.95 per month for 20-cent local calls, or $31.95 per month for 17-cent local calls.

Then, if you pay an extra $9.95 per month (on top of the landline rental fee) for iiNet’s ‘Netphone 2’ service, you can get all of your local and national STD calls included for free.

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The $40 Exetel OTCC ADSL2+ bundle plan comes with 260 GB, split 80GB in peak-time and 180GB in off-peak. This is bundled with a $30 landline phone rental. No free calls are included, but Exetel’s call rates are cheap, and this is a lot of internet data for a very low price.

As an alternative for more download data in peak time, $55 will get you Exetel’s OTDD ADSL2+ plan with 290 GB, and a massive 110GB in peak time. You could also consider bundling together with Engin’s VoIP service for cheap calls over the internet with these Exetel plans.

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At Internode, the Home Ultra ADSL2+ 100GB broadband plan for $69.95 per month gives customers 100GB to use whenever they like, with no peak or off-peak periods. Internode also doesn’t count uploads toward your monthly limit, so putting up photos onto Facebook is free.

The ADSL2+ connection is bundled with both a home telephone rental for $29.95 per month, and a VoIP service. VoIP allows you to make cheap calls over the internet via a special VoIP enabled modem router, which you’ll have to purchase. Internode’s VoIP service includes $10 of calls each month.

The Internode Home Ultra ADSL2+ bundle is only available on a 24-month contract, but setup is free. As there is a large monthly data quota, your entire family will be able to stream internet TV and YouTube videos, as well as play online video games, or download movies and music.


iPrimus brings to the table its ADSL2+ 300GB Big Kahuna broadband plan for $89.95 per month, plus $29.95 phone rental. You’ll get 80GB of data in peak time, and 220GB in off-peak time, which includes the mornings (12am-12pm). If you sign up to a 24-month plan the price of your ADSL2+ modem is reduced $20-$30 depending on the type of modem.

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If Optus is available in your location (Optus uses its own telephone network separate to that of the main Telstra network) its Fusion ADSL2+ 50GB Broadband plan for $99 a month (including home phone rental) is awesome for families that make a lot of telephone calls. You get unlimited local calls, STD national calls and calls to Optus mobile phones.

When you reach your 50GB monthly data limit your speed is shaped to 256kbps, which is much better than being charged for excess usage. This Fusion plan also includes a free ADSL2+ Wi-Fi modem (+$19.95 delivery fee) on a 24-month contract.

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Engin is a VoIP specialist, and its ADSL2+ VoIP Ignition 109 Plan is a bundle of broadband and VoIP, with no standard phone line rental involved. For $109 per month you get the Engin Voicebox and a 4-port ADSL2+ modem (+$14.95 delivery fee) included free in the 24-month contract. This plan offers unlimited local, national and mobile calls. Your 50GB download quota can be used any time, with no peak or off-peak times.

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All plans and prices accurate as of September 29, 2010. Check Compare Broadband for up-to-date plans from leading Internet Service Providers.