What you can do with a terabyte of data on your broadband connection

First we heard of kilobytes, then megabytes, and a long time afterwards, the gigabyte. With Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like iiNet, Netspace, iPrimus, Internode, Dodo and Westnet all recently announcing terabyte plans, it would seem we have evolved to the next level of broadband internet. So, what can you do with a terabyte of broadband data?

Internet TV

The main societal shift caused by terabyte plans will most probably be in the realm of television. This boosting of download data could be the next step towards TV becoming purely an online medium. iiNet says one terabyte of data is equal to 8,200 half-hour episodes of streaming or catch-up television per month.

Over 8,000 shows is a lot of TV, so whether you want to watch SBS TV, ABC iView, Seven Network’s Plus7, or Nine MSN’s FixPlay on their respective websites, running out of data will never be an issue you have to contend with. Many ISPs also have their own internet TV streams set up, like TPG’s IPTV, iiNet’s FetchTV, and BigPond TV.

Downloading movies and music

The next main advantage of having a terabyte of data comes in the area of downloading movies and music, and of course we mean legal downloading. There are a number of legal services online, like iTunes Australia, where you can rent or purchase movies and TV shows as well as enormous amounts of music.

There is also BigPond Movies, Xbox 360’s Australian Zune Video Marketplace, Foxtel’s on-demand full-length internet download service, and CASPA for TiVo.

One terabyte of data is equal to 200 DVD quality movies, or more than 300,000 songs, and this is how much you can download each month. It’s doubtful whether you’ve heard 300,000 different songs in you're your lifetime!

Uploading and downloading photos and videos for Facebook and YouTube
A terabyte of data is equal to approximately 200,000 high-resolution photographs. This means you can spend your evenings putting photos and videos onto your Facebook page, and you’ll never have to worry about your connection slowing down.

Playing online multiplayer games to your heart’s content

One of the main complaints we often hear is from hardcore gamers who run out of data at the most inopportune time, thus ending their game in the middle of play. Online video games can chew through huge amounts of both upload and download data, so having a terabyte to work with means you’ll never have to worry about a game being interrupted again. However, be careful playing a game for too many hours without taking a break, as this can lead to some dangerous health issues!

Compare terabyte plans from Australian ISPs here.