ADSL Speed Issues

The further your house is from the telephone exchange, the slower ADSL speed you can expect. Data transfer speeds will slow the further it travels along the copper line from your local telephone exchange to your house.

A broadband internet speed test is the best way to find out what speeds you are actually receiving from your internet connection. You can use CompareBroadband’s speed checker here.

Short of moving house, there is not much you can do if your speed is slow because you are too far from the exchange. You will receive similar speeds no matter which broadband internet provider you sign up with. However if you are finding your broadband internet connection is too slow you may consider moving to a higher speed plan.

For example, if you are on a 256kbps speed broadband plan, your connection speeds will start at 256kbps at the exchange. As data runs along the copper line to your home speeds will slow down and you may actually receive between 100-200kbps when browsing the internet. However, if you change the speed of your broadband plan to a 512kbps connection, the data will travel the same distance but it will have started at a faster speed. This might mean with a 512kbps connection you will actually receive 400-500kbps at your house.

There are other sources of a slow internet connection, including multiple users within your home using the same internet connection. If you have a 1500kbps broadband connection and there a four computers connected to the internet at the one time, bandwidth will be shared between all the computers. So if you have four computers browsing the internet on the same 1500kbps broadband connection, each computer will only receive around 375kbps each.

If you are running file sharing or download at the same time as trying to browse the internet, this will affect your speed. If you want to browse the internet quickly, pause any downloads.

Check there are no appliances running on your phone line that are not filtered. All phone, fax machines and back-to-base alarms can interfere with your ADSL service and must have a line filter installed.

If you have tried all of these steps and still believe you are not getting an appropriate speed for your broadband plan, talk to your provider. If there are issues with the copper line running into your house this may require a technician’s visit to resolve.