Broadband plans under $50

  • Internet on a budget
  • The best plans for under $50
  • Get 100GB to unlimited data

If your top priority when purchasing a broadband plan is price then here are some plans you don’t want to miss out on. In today’s competitive market you can easily find a plan that is under $50 that will suit your needs. Each provider will offer a differing amount of data and with different contract lengths so it is important to get all the facts first before you connect.


Eftel Unlimited for $49.95 – call 1300 106 571
Eftel’s Unlimited plan is an extremely cheap plan that is not to be missed! For no more than $49.95 per month you can get unlimited access to the internet. That is you can use as much data as you want anytime of the day or night without going over a quota limit. The best part is that $49.95 is the price for the internet and telephone line rental each month; you will not need to pay anything extra for telephone line rental.

The plan is available on a 12 month or 24 month contract. If you decide to sign up on a 24 month contract Eftel will waive their connection fee and you will $0 to sign up.

A downside to this plan is that it is only available in limited areas. Eftel can provide the cheap unlimited plan if your house falls into what they call their “Local Zone”.  However, it is definitely worth checking if it is available at your house as the plan is extremely great value for money. To check availability call Eftel on 1300 362 527.

TPG 100GB for $49.99 - call 1300 106 571

If you want to pay under $50 per month you can get 100GB of data with TPG for $49.99. This price includes both the 100GB of internet and telephone line rental each month. Although it is not unlimited like Eftel’s plan 100GB is still quite a large amount of data and should be suitable for medium users of the internet.

TPG is a good choice of internet provider if you also like to talk on the home phone a lot. Although the $49.99 per month does not include any phone calls you do have the option with TPG to add call packages to your plan. TPG’s “Big Talk” call package is priced at $10 extra per month and gives you unlimited calls to local and national landlines, and 100 minutes to call overseas numbers. TPG’s “Massive Talk” call package is priced at $20 extra per month and offers unlimited calls to local and national landlines, mobile numbers, and 10 specific countries overseas.

TPG offer 6 month and 18 month contracts. The downside to TPG is that their set up costs can be a tad expensive compared to other companies. You are required to pay what is called a $20 phone repayment fee as a well as a connection fee of up to $99.95. The cost for a Wi-Fi modem is $99.95 plus $10 postage. To get a quote for all costs involved and check availability you can call 1300 106 571.

MyNetFone 200GB for $49.95 - call 1300 421 046
MyNetFone’s 200GB plan is a great plan if you do not require a telephone line. MyNetFone offer what is called Naked Broadband which means broadband without an active telephone service. This plan is popular among people who rely on their mobile phones and do not want to pay for a telephone line they will not be using.

This plan is particularly great because of the large data amount that is offered. A plan of this size should be sufficient for medium to heavy usage. Considering that the price is $49.95 per month this plan is great value for money.

Another bonus to choosing MyNetFone is that they are currently offering a free Wi-Fi modem on a 12 month or 24 month contract. And if you want to have your connection fees waived you can do so on a 24 month contract. The purchasing of this plan is dependent on availability so you should check MyNetFone’s coverage if you are interested in this plan. You can contact MyNetFone on 1300 421 046.