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Why Do I Need to Pay Line Rental?




A lot of people are confused about the difference between ADSL and Naked DSL. They're essentially the same service. For an ADSL (or ADSL2+) connection, you are using your copper line to obtain an internet connection, with a phone voice service bundled in, and a line rental is payable.

For Naked DSL, the copper line is being used, and a line rental is folded into the overall charge, but no accompanying phone voice service is included.

For any ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband internet service you will need an active home phone service. For all Naked DSL broadband internet connections you will need an active home phone service when you sign up to the service.

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Many Compare Broadband customers are surprised when told they will need an active home phone service before signing up to an ADSL broadband connection.

All ADSL, ADSL2+ and Naked DSL broadband service use the existing copper line that connects your home phone to the telephone exchange to transmit a data service. Because of the reliance on this copper line, you must have an active service plugged in to your local telephone exchange to receive an ADSL, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL service.

If your home phone service is not currently active, this means it is not plugged in to the exchange and cannot be connected to the telephone network. Until this is connected you will not be able to receive a broadband service.

You can either sign up to a Telstra home phone service or bundle a home phone service with your ADSL or ADSL2+ service.

Naked DSL

Many people call Compare Broadband to sign up for a Naked DSL service to avoid having to connect a home phone service. Unfortunately you still need an active home phone service before a Naked DSL service can be installed. Naked DSL is an ADSL2+ service that uses your internet provider’s infrastructure to supply a broadband signal. Because you internet provider is connecting the service with their own technology (rather than using Telstra infrastructure,) a legal loophole means they can turn off the voice component of the service to avoid having to pay line rental. However, in order for their technicians to install the service the phone line will need to be connected to your exchange. This means you must have an active phone service and will have to pay for a connection and the first month’s line rental. Once the Naked DSL service is connected, the voice component of the service is disconnected, but your phone line is still connected to the exchange.

What if I can’t connect a home phone service?

If you cannot connect and home phone service you may be able to apply for a Cable broadband service. As cable broadband runs of different infrastructure it does not use your home phone line to transmit data. However, cable broadband is generally only available in metropolitan areas and may not be available to all users.

Mobile Broadband internet uses the Australian mobile broadband network to transmit data and as such does not require a home phone service. You will need to check the coverage in your area with your internet service provider before signing up for a mobile broadband service.

As Satellite broadband use orbiting satellites to transmit broadband data, you will not need a home phone service to access a broadband connection. However, satellite broadband can be expensive so if an ADSL or mobile broadband service is available this will generally be a less expensive option.