Don't judge a broadband provider by price and data alone

There has been a fierce battle raging amongst Australian broadband providers recently, based around the price of plans and how much data quota is available for users. However, there are numerous other factors that could help you to decide which Internet Service Provider (ISP) to sign up with. Each broadband company has attempted to differentiate itself by offering bonus options or aspects to their service.

Here are the majority of Australian broadband providers and which bonus options or elements they offer that could be seen as extremely beneficial to your unique situation. Think about the lifestyle you lead and match yourself up with the ISP who meets your needs.

TPG has its own streaming TV network called IPTV. You can watch around 20 TV channels for free, with data used not being counted towards your monthly quota. Many of these channels are in foreign languages, so this has been a popular option for immigrants to Australia.

TPG offers a free static IP to set up your own website, as well as 30MB of web space and 20 email addresses. TPG has some of the fastest shaping speeds on the broadband market, up to 4Mbps on its bigger plans.

Finally, TPG also has great deals on mobile phones to bundle with your broadband plans, with some as low as $1 per month, or $15 for $700 worth of calls. Give us a call on 1300 106 571 for more details on TPG plans.

(1300 106 571) has both BoB and fetchtv. BoB is a special Wi-Fi modem used in conjunction with a Naked DSL connection to make cheap phone calls over the internet.

Fetchtv is iiNet’s digital TV service, which via a top box allows customers to stop, rewind and fast-forward their favourite TV shows from iiNet’s Freezone. You get numerous free-to-air TV channels, plus the ability to access subscription channels, movies, online games and social network applications. The set-top box comes with a hard drive allowing you save up to 1 terabyte of TV shows and films.

iPrimus (1300 137 794) has its own ‘Unmetered data’ with various TV channels like ABC iView at your fingertips. iPrimus has a special deal with TiVo, which gives customers access to movies and video games.

Some iPrimus plans come with free unlimited local phone calls, which will come in handy if your kids are always talking to their friends.

Internode is one of the most popular broadband providers in Australia, but you may have to pay a little more for their highly reputable service. Internode plans do not have peak or off-peak times for using your data, so you can use your monthly quota any time you like.

Internode offers $10 of free VoIP calls with many of its plans, and also provides numerous types of free content not counted towards your monthly quota. Internode has deals with ABC iView, TiVo, broadband streaming radio and Games On Net for online gaming.

Netspace’s (1300 115 225) big calling card is its GameSpace website where customers can play tons of games online for free.

Westnet (1300 768 134) has been awarded ‘best customer service’ for seven years running in the Australia Broadband Survey, and best ISP for the last three years as voted by PC Authority. If great Australia-based customer service is what you’re looking for, Westnet is it.

Optus has great broadband bundles, including all local and STD calls, as well as free calls from Optus mobile to Optus mobile. Optus is also one of the only companies to offer cable broadband, so it’s worth giving Optus a call (1300 137 897) to see if cable is available in your location.

Engin is the master of VoIP, or making cheap phone calls over the internet. Some Engin plans offer free local and STD calls, as well as free calls to eight specified countries. Imagine making international calls for free!

Exetel has large amounts of data in off-peak times, and many of its plans are very cheap.