• Why the telephone line is required for a broadband connection
  • Naked broadband explained
  • Best value broadband plans

The traditional home phone is slowly becoming a relic of the past. Today people are increasingly ditching the landline for the mobile phone. It makes sense as most mobile phone plans have extremely generous call values and most people find it sufficient to do all their phone communication on their mobile. Furthermore, mobile phones today offer extra features that home phones cannot, such as access to the web, online networking, cameras, text messaging, and mobility.

The trend of mobile phones replacing the home phone complicates the process of finding a broadband plan. It used to be that all homeowners or renters wanted a home phone thus broadband bundled with the home phone made complete sense. You need the internet, you need a home phone, why not get it together in a bundle and get a discount from the company? 

Nowadays the idea that you must get a telephone line with the internet seems absurd, particularly with the rollout of the NBN complete. If your mobile phone is sufficient and you don’t need a home telephone why should you get a telephone line with your internet? What’s the telephone got to do with the internet anyway? There are a few reasons why the telephone line is sold with the internet and there are ways of getting around paying for the line rental. This article will go through this in detail.


Why broadband and home phones go together

If you have done a bit of research into broadband plans you will notice that many plans are offered as broadband and home phone bundles. To begin to explain, in the past, the internet needed a telephone line in order to work. When you access the internet essentially what is happening is data is travelling to your computer. This data travels through cables all around the world and then to your telephone exchange. 

At your telephone exchange, particular companies will have equipment installed that allows telephone lines to access the internet. The data will travel from the telephone exchange, through the copper wiring in your telephone line, to your house, and then to your modem where you will receive the data and view the webpage.

The broadband and home phone bundles are not arbitrarily packaging two utilities together; broadband needs the telephone line to function. Even if you will not be using the telephone line for telephone calls you are still using it to access the internet. Thus, you must pay telephone line rental each month.

However, with the rollout of the NBN, the old copper wires needed for you to connect to the internet are no longer necessary. This is because the NBN infrastructure now relies on fibre optic cables to deliver the broadband services that you need within your premises.


What if you really don’t want the home phone line?

In the past, if you really didn't want to pay for the telephone line there was a way around it. There were some internet service providers that offer to customers what is called Naked broadband or Naked DSL. These Naked plans are broadband plans with an inactive telephone line. The internet still works using the telephone line but you will not be able to make telephone calls, it will be completely inactive. Furthermore, the price you pay is for the internet only and you will not need to pay for telephone line rental in a bundle. 

These days, if you need a home phone, you can use the VoIP service or Voice over Internet Protocol. This means that you will be making phone calls over the internet.


Do you want unlimited broadband?

If you are a heavy broadband user you may be interested in an unlimited broadband plan. For an unlimited broadband connection, it is actually much cheaper and better value for money to get a bundle that includes a home phone service. This may seem counterintuitive but a simple comparison of unlimited prices will reveal that it is in fact true. 

Companies often offer customers discounts if you bundle both the home phone service and broadband together in one bill. It is an incentive to pay the company for both services. If you bundle both the home and broadband together you generally get a discount on the internet price, therefore the bundle is super cheap.