Men make the phone call for broadband internet

In a recent study made by broadband comparison website Compare Broadband, 63% of inbound calls relating to broadband were made by males.

In a year-long analysis covering the entirety of 2010, over 20,000 phone calls were collated, with only 37% being made by women. However, this does not infer a direct correlation with who ‘wears the pants’ in the family home.

Compare Broadband’s customer service personnel hear the words, ‘I’ll speak to the Missus and then get back to you,’ on quite a regular basis. Calls are regularly interrupted by men asking their partner's opinion, or listening for instructions.

So, why is it that nearly two-thirds of all Australians who call to enquire about broadband are men? Some would infer men are more interested in technology, but as the internet plays an important role in all of our lives, this seems unlikely.

Compare Broadband consultant Jesse Somer said: “It’s obvious women are just as interested in the internet as men; it may be a man on the line, but there’s often a feminine voice of reason in the background.”

Many people these days are signing up to broadband plans online, and it could be simply that women prefer to shop for broadband in this context. Men may feel direct contact with a human voice is the best way to communicate their needs, while women enjoy reading online and making up their mind on their own.