• Sign up for the internet without an active line
  • How to find out if you have a phone number
  • Call Compare Broadband to see what's available in your area

It can be frustrating when you’re searching for a new broadband plan, and you continuously come across phone number checkers when you don’t actually have a phone number. Worse still is when you don’t have a phone number and you don’t want one either! All you’re after is a little broadband...so why the number checker?

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Essentially, the number checkers you come across online check your address to see what types of broadband services are available in your area. If you know you don’t have an active line, there are a few other options that will allow you to be on your way to finding the perfect broadband plan.

Phone number check for your property

To find out the phone number which was previously connected at your property, plug in a home phone into your wall socket and dial 1272 2123. This will only work on a Telstra line, and if you are able to hear a dial tone when you plug the phone in. If you think the phone line may be with Optus, you could also try dialling 127 23 12.

If you are successful in receiving a phone number, you can type the number into a number checker to verify which plans are available in your area. However, this will not mean that the phone line is active.

Call Compare Broadband so we can check what plans are available with an address

If you are not able to retrieve the previous phone number at  your property, you can call us on 1300 106 571 with your address details and we will be able to get an idea of what types of services will be available in your area.

Call other providers directly

If you are interested in a broadband plan with any of the providers below, you can call them directly and they will be able to determine which services are available in your area.

Eftel: 1300 106 571
: 1300 136 793
Club Telco
: 1300 138 155
TPG: 1300 106 571