• Use a pocket WiFi device to set up your own portable WiFi zone
  • Connect multiple devices to your mobile broadband connection
  • Prices typically start around $20 for around 5GB of data.

As hot-spotting becomes more and more of a common function on our smartphones, you may be wondering why we are still talking about pocket WiFi.

Rather than being outdated by mobile tethering, pocket WiFi router technology has also been enhanced over the years. This can be a worthwhile investment if it fits your needs.

What is pocket WiFi?

Pocket WiFi is a mobile broadband device that connects to mobile phone towers using a SIM card. It provides an internet connection that is broadcast over a WiFi signal which you can pick up on your laptop, smartphone, iPad, or any other WiFi-enabled device. Just like a normal WiFi modem, it is extremely easy to set up a password so that nobody can access your data supply without your permission. This is recommended to ensure the security of your connection.

Best Pocket WiFi Deals

Telstra 4G dongle plans and pocket WiFi

  • Upfront Data Plan Extra Small - $19.12 per month, 5GB data
  • Upfront Data Plan Small - $29.12 per month, 30GB data
  • Upfront Data Plan Medium - $59.12 per month, 75GB data
  • Upfront Data Plan Large - $79.12 per month, 400GB data

Here’s a guide on Telstra’s pocket WiFi devices.

Vodafone Pocket WiFi plans and deals

  • 10GB Red Modem Plan - $23.75 per month
  • 40GB Red Modem Plan - $43.75 per month
  • 100GB Red Modem Plan - $63.75 per month

Optus Pocket WiFi plans and deals

  • $15 Optus Choice Plus Data Plan (M2M) - 5GB 
  • $25 Optus Choice Plus Data Plan (M2M) - 30GB
  • $15 Optus Choice Plus Data Plan (M2M) - 5GB, $33.12/month (plan + modem)
  • $25 Optus Choice Plus Data Plan (M2M) - 30GB, $43.12/month (plan + modem)
  • $45 Optus Choice Plus Data Plan (M2M) - 60GB
  • $60 Optus Choice Plus Data Plan (M2M) - 100GB
  • $45 Optus Choice Plus Data Plan (M2M) - 60GB, $63.12/month (plan + modem)
  • $60 Optus Choice Plus Data Plan (M2M) - 100GB, $78.12/month (plan + modem)

Learn more about Optus’ pocket WiFi devices here.

What are the advantages of pocket WiFi? 

Whenever you connect to the WiFi offered at your favourite café or at the public library to access your banking or other sensitive information, you are running the risk of someone being able to easily hack in. Your own pocket WiFi, on the other hand, offers higher security with password protection as well as a WPA (Wireless Protected Access) and WPA-2 Encryption.

Furthermore, although pocket WiFis share similarities to mobile tethering such as being extremely portable and easy to share with others, pocket WiFis tend to eat up less of your battery life. Not to mention, some pocket WiFi devices can even double as a charging pack for when you’re on the go. 

Mobile data is typically very expensive too. In this case, a better deal might exist with pocket WiFi for any instances where multiple users need to access large amounts of image and video data. Additionally, for many people living in remote areas, NBN or ADSL might not be an option, but pocket WiFi might be an alternative.

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