A fast transfer service - or a rapid transfer as it is also commonly referred to- is a transfer from one Australian broadband provider to another without down-time. Many major Australian broadband providers have signed up to an agreement allowing rapid transfers to or from their services.

If your current broadband provider is a participant in the fast transfer process, this means you can transfer to another provider without having to disconnect and reconnect you broadband service. This can save you time and money when changing between broadband internet providers.

If your current provider does not participate in the fast transfer process you will need to disconnect your broadband service before you can apply for a service with another provider. Yu will need to pay disconnection and reconnection fees.

Fast transfer services should be a factor that influences which broadband provider you choose. If you ever want to leave your current provider for a better deal, an ability to fast transfer your broadband service will be a big bonus. It will save you having to disconnect and reconnect your broadband service which costs money in connection fees and will leave you without an internet connection for up to five days and sometime longer.

Most providers will offer free or heavily discounted connection fees for customers who are transferring from another broadband provider as they will save money on technician costs when installing your service.

You will need to have a home phone running on the Telstra network to be eligible for a fast transfer service. Customers who are currently running and Optus home phone service may need to switch to the Telstra network before signing up with another broadband provider.
When you apply for a fast transfer you can usually specify the day you would like the transfer to take place. This is generally within 5 days from your application. Once the transfer is complete you will need to reconfigure your modem with the new username and password provided by your new broadband provider before you can access the internet.

If you apply for a fast transfer you will still be bound to any contractual obligation you have with your current broadband provider. If you are required to pay out your existing contract, this obligation will still apply when performing a fast transfer to another provider. If the transfer takes place in the middle of your billing month and you are not under a contract, you may receive a refund from your previous broadband provider for the remainder of the month that you paid for but will not use.

As of June 2009, the following providers were Fast Transfer Service Participants:

               ADSL transfer available            ADSL2+ Fast transfer available

Bigpond                Yes                                             No
Dodo                    Yes                                            Yes
Exetel                   Yes                                            Yes
Internode             Yes                                            Yes
iiNet                     Yes                                            Yes
Netspace              Yes                                            Yes
TPG                      Yes                                            Yes
iPrimus                 Yes                                            Yes
Optus                   Yes                                            Yes