With Telstra's Next G network you can use your amazing new Apple iPad on the biggest and fastest mobile broadband network in Australia. Access the internet on your iPad while on the move, and be safe in the knowledge it's prepaid, so you have control over your spending. There are no fixed-term contracts or paper bills involved, and Telstra are currently offering 1GB of data just to get your iPad's journey started.

Telstra iPad prepaid data plans
Recharge Amount        Effective Data Allowance    Data rate per MB
$20                            1GB                               2c
$30                            3GB                               1c
$60                            6GB                               1c
$80                            9GB                               1c
$100                          12GB                             1c
$150                          12GB                             1.22c (365 day expiry)


Telstra’s Next G mobile wireless network is renowned for having the best coverage of any provider in Australia and the provider claims to cover 99 per cent of the Australian population. Theoretically, coverage should be better in lifts and underground car parks, as the signal is broadcast on a different wavelength to 3G.


Data allowance for each plan (apart from the $150) is valid for 30 days and can't be used when roaming overseas. If you recharge before your 30-day expiry date, unused credit rolls over to either the expiry date for your new recharge amount, or the expiry date for your current balance (before you recharged), whichever is longer.


Telstra's Next G mobile wireless network is known for being capable of the fastest speeds currently available in Australia.

Benefits and disadvantages

Plans include a Telstra Pre-Paid micro-SIM card. Coverage and speeds are generally superior to other networks but Telstra easily has the most expensive plans.

Important information to note with Telstra iPad data plans are that both uploads and downloads are counted towards your quota, you cannot use this data allowance overseas where international roaming charges are incurred, and the data rate you are charged per MB is based on your most recent recharge denomination. iPad internet data is charged per kilobyte (KB).

You should also note if you recharge for a lower data limit than you are currently on, the data rate per MB for the new lower recharge also applies to unused data from unused credit that has rolled over.

If you'd like to stay in touch with family and friends via your iPad when travelling overseas, the International Roaming Data Browse Pack can be used in over 20 countries, an option that is not available with every provider.

International Roaming Data Browse Pack    Fee and Included Allowance
Plus $29                                                 $29 for 10MB
Plus $160                                               $160 for 60MB

You should know with Telstra’s International Roaming Browse Plus Pack you will be charged per kilobyte with a 30-day expiry period, and you can only use the data allowance whilst travelling overseas in selected countries, and not within Australia domestically. When you reach your included data limit, standard international roaming data charges apply, charged at 1.5c per KB/charged in 1KB blocks.