Telstra Bigpond adds some perks to their broadband plans

Telstra Bigpond is offering faster shaping speeds, free calls to customer service and up to 15 free email accounts in an overhaul of its broadband plans.

Telstra’s executive director of the consumer division, Jenny Young, said: "BigPond customers told us they didn't want to pay for additional BigPond email addresses, which is why we're now making them free of charge.

“Our customers also said they wanted to keep their email address if they changed BigPond products (e.g. Cable, ADSL or Wireless broadband services), and now they can. Also, people coming back to BigPond can conveniently reactivate their old address – rather than having to take a new one.”

Under the new policies, Telstra customers will be able to reactivate old email accounts. They will also have free access to a customer service team dedicated to assisting with transferring broadband services to a new address. Telstra customer service representatives will roam regional areas to speak face-to-face with Telstra customers.

Telstra Bigpond shaping speeds have improved too: previously customers who exceeded their cap were shaped at an excruciatingly slow speed of 64kbps, whereas now the shaping speed is set at 256kbps.

BigPond plans have become more competitive recently, especially when bundled with other Telstra services, such as a home phone, FOXTEL and mobile phone contracts.

For $109 a month, eligible Bigpond customers can access 25GB high speed broadband, line rental which includes unlimited local calls, and receive both a Wi-Fi modem and a T-Box.

View Telstra Bigpond’s plans here or call 1300 106 571.