Telstra updates broadband phone bundles for T-Box launch

Telstra has increased data allowances in its range of home phone bundles to complement the launch of the new T-Box.

The broadband and telecoms provider said it wanted to create 'simple and flexible' packages for its customers, which would also include calls from home phones to mobiles.

The three new phone bundles will have unlimited local calls and either capped or unlimited national calls, and come with either the T-Box, Telstra's new digital set-top box, or the T-Hub.

Telstra's Home 25GB Value Bundle is priced at $109 per month for 24 months plus $35 upfront, and includes unlimited local calls and $1 STD calls.

The Home 100GB Ultimate Bundle is $139 per month for 24 months, plus $35 upfront, and includes unlimited local and STD calls, as well as unlimited calls to any Telstra mobile from your home phone.

Finally, the Telstra Home 200GB Ultimate Bundle, at $159 per month for 24 months plus $35 upfront, includes unlimited local and STD calls, unlimited calls to any Australian mobile from your home phone, and $10 monthly credit towards international direct dial calls.

Telstra says the bundles still include a free Home Network Gateway Wi-Fi modem, and customers can opt for both the T-Box and the T-Hub for an extra $35 upfront, then $11 per month on a 24-month plan, or $299 upfront.

The T-Box is Telstra's digital set-top box, which will give its customers access to IPTV – television channels streamed over the internet. It's also a video recorder and will allow you to pause, rewind and record live TV.

With the T-Box, Telstra broadband customers can access BigPond Movies, digital free-to-air broadcast TV channels, BigPond TV channels, BigPond Videos and YouTube Videos.

The T-Hub is a home phone with touchscreen internet access and texting capabilities.

If you are keen to bundle your home phone and internet, but don't need a set-top box, you could consider a bundle from TPG, which is offering ADSL2+ bundles with home phone rental for $1, plus a minimum $10 spent on calls. Prices start from $60.99 a month for the bundled home phone service with 130GB (only downloads counted), or 180GB (if both uploads and downloads are counted).