Bundling a mobile plan with your TPG broadband

TPG is offering some of the cheapest mobile plans in Australia – they include large amounts of monthly call credit, high amounts of data and offer call rates which are comparable to most other mobile carriers.

While TPG doesn’t include a mobile phone with any of their packages, the plans are on a casual, month-to-month contract. This means you’re free to change mobile plans at anytime – even if your mobile is bundled in with a TPG broadband service.

TPG broadband customers get even more value included with their mobile plan. Customers are also free to add or remove a mobile plan to their existing TPG internet service even when they are already in contract. To be eligible, customers must add the mobile phone onto the same TPG account with the payments being directly debited out of the same bank account or credit card.

Customers with a TPG home phone and broadband package, as well as ADSL1 customers have a choice between three mobile phone plans they can bundle their service with:

Talk and Text Medium $14.99 (save $4 per month)
Talk and Text Heavy $29.99 (save $6 per month)
49 Cap Saver $14.99 (save $5 per month)

Customers with an ADSL2+ plan (but their home phone with another carrier) can bundle their service with the:

49 Cap Saver $14.99 (save $5 per month)

Additionally, any TPG broadband customer who bundles the Pay as You Go mobile plan with their broadband service will receive a bonus 100MB (a total of 150MB) each month.

The Plans:

Talk and Text Medium $14.99
$330 calls to any network + $370 TPG-to-TPG calls + 1GB

Talk and Text Heavy $29.99
$400 calls to any network + $600 TPG-to-TPG calls + 2GB

49 Cap Saver $14.99
$300 calls to any network + 1000 minutes TPG-to-TPG calls (between 8pm-midnight)

The call rates for the above plans:

Standard call rate: 40c/30sec + 35c flagfall
SMS: 25.3c
International SMS: 50c
Voicemail dep/retrieval: Free (but retrieval is 29c/30sec on cap saver plan)

Pay as You Go Budget Plan $1
(no included credit)
150MB and 9.9c/min call rate +10c flagfall + 9.9c SMS + 15c/30sec Voicemail dep/retrieval

To sign up or find out more about any of these plans, contact us on 1300 106 571.