Exetel offers four low-priced plans to customers who want to bundle their home phone and internet services in one neat package. To be eligible for one of Exetel’s bundle plans, your phone connection must be connected via the Telstra infrastructure and an active connection, i.e you have been paying phone line rental to Telstra or Optus.

If you don’t have an active connection, one of TPG’s bundle plans may be more suitable.

Exetel is also able to provide bundle plans to consumers who are eligible to receive its ADSL2+ service. To find out if Exetel can provide bundle deals in your area, please call CompareBroadband on 1300 106 571.

The Plans:

$20 + Home phone line rental = 10GB+10GB
$30+ Home phone line rental = 30GB+180GB
$40+ Home phone line rental = 60GB+180GB
$55+ Home phone line rental = 90GB+180GB

Phone line rental through Exetel costs $30 per month. Local calls are 18 cents untimed, and calls to mobiles are 27 cents per minute.
Contract length: 12 months
Setup fee: $60
Peak time: 8am-2am

While the setup fee does not include a modem, Exetel offers good quality modems at a very reasonable price. A Netcomm one-port modem will cost $75 including delivery, while a Netcomm wireless modem is $125 including delivery.

Pros: Bundle plans are cheaper than most other internet service providers, high download allowance from 2am – 8am, cheap modems to choose from or BYO, only a $100 cancellation fee if you need to cancel the bundle service, no extra charge if you exceed your cap – speed just slows down (or you have the option to pay 50 cents per GB!)

Cons: Customers will need to have an active phone line to transfer to Exetel's phone bundle, expensive line rental with no included calls.

These plans are available as of July 2010 but are subject to change.