Cheapest phone line rental when you bundle

Most internet service providers offer customers the chance to bundle their broadband with a home phone service. ISPs will usually reward customers who bundle their two services together with cheaper phone line rental or larger downloads (or both!)

Below we have compared the different phone line rental prices from different ISPs. The comparison will be particularly helpful to those who only have ADSL1 available in their area and therefore are required to have a home phone in order to get broadband. Customers who make loads of call from their home phone should also check out our comparison of the home phone call rates.


TPG has two different types of home phone bundle deals available. The first set of bundle deals have line rental included in the broadband price, and the second set of bundle deals have line rental for only $1 per month, however there is also a $10 minimum monthly call spend on local calls (this equates to 40 local calls).

TPG’s home phone bundle deals suit customers who don’t make too many calls on their phone, and usually only use it to call landlines. They also suit customers who need more download for their dollar.


Netspace offers customers a larger download and a discount on their broadband price when you bundle with a Netspace home phone. There are three home phone plans available: the first has a $29.95 monthly phone line rental, the next one up is $59.95 per month, and the highest plan is $79.95 per month. The higher the line rental, the lower the call costs and the more calls included each month. 


iiNet also lowers the monthly cost of your broadband and will include more data if you bundle your home phone and internet together. There are two phone plans available, which cost either $29.95 a month or $31.95 per month. The $31.95 plan has more value included for those who use their home phone more often.


Dodo has three home phone plans on offer, with a special monthly discount price for each when you sign up for 24 months. The discounted monthly phone line rental prices are $29.90, $54.90 and $84.90. Dodo offers up to $250 of included calls on their highest plan.


iPrimus offers eligible customers who bundle their phone with a broadband service a $10 discount on their broadband. Their home phone plans start at $29.95 per month.


You can bundle any Engin broadband internet service with an Engin home phone for an extra $20 a month. You will also be able to keep your existing home phone number.


Like TPG, Optus offers plans where your monthly phone line rental is included in the broadband cost. Optus refers to their bundle home phone and broadband plans as “fusion plans.” Also included in the price are unlimited local and national calls – perfect for people who use their home phone frequently. To find out more about the price for each Optus bundle, call 1300 137 897.