When signing up for an ADSL or ADS2+ broadband bundle plan, there are many factors to take into consideration before putting your name on a contract. The length of contract, broadband speed, download data limits (both on and off-peak), on and off-peak times, modem costs, shaping speed or excess data charges, contract set-up costs and landline rental all need to be considered.

However, one point often left to chance is the actual call cost for local, STD, mobile and international phone calls made from your landline phone.

Advantages of a broadband bundle

The main advantage of having your landline telephone and ADSL broadband internet bundled together is you’ll only receive one bill, but there are other pluses, such as cheap call rates. Some Internet Service Providers will bundle with either ADSL or ADSL2+, whereas others only offer a bundle with ADSL2+.

Exetel ADSL2+ phone bundles

Exetel charges $30 for their landline rental (the same as Telstra) on a 12-month contract, with locals calls priced at 18 cents per call (untimed). Their STD national calls cost 6 cents per minute with a 25-cent flag fee per call, while calls to mobile phones are charged at 27 cents per minute with that same 25-cent flag fee. Calls to 13/1300 numbers also cost 25 cents per call, and international calls vary depending on which country you are calling.

TPG ADSL2+ phone bundles

TPG on the other hand take their approach quite differently. Their plans are better for people who are heavy users of the internet, but who don’t necessarily make many phone calls from their landline. E.G. those of us who have a mobile cap plan covering the majority of our daily telephone usage.

TPG only charges $1 for their landline rental (on an 18-month contract) with an accompanying $10 minimum call spend, which is charged whether or not you make any phone calls. With such a cheap landline rental you know they have to be trying to make money somewhere, and the answer lies in the call costs you’ll be up for if you go over your monthly call spend allowance.

Local calls are 25 cents each (untimed), so if you use your entire monthly call spend locally you’ll get 40 included calls per month. STD national calls cost 25 cents per minute capped at $2.00 up to 20 minutes, then charged at the same 25 cent per minute rate thereafter.

These STD calls incur a connection fee of 39 cents per call. Calls to mobiles cost 39 cents per minute capped at $2.48 up to 20 minutes with the same 39 cent per minute rate charged thereafter. These mobile calls also incur the same 39-cent call connection fee. Calls to 13/1300 numbers cost 30 cents each.

Netspace ADSL2+ phone bundles

Netspace vary their call costs depending on which broadband bundle phone line rental fee you sign up to. For example, the $29.95 line rental charges 25 cents for local calls, while the $59.95 landline charges 22 cents for local calls with $50 worth of included call credit. A $79.95 landline also charges 22 cents for local calls, but here you get $120 of included call credit. Contracts come in 6, 12, or 24-month plans, with a choice of 20GB ($29.95) or 50GB ($39.95) ADSL2+ download data options.

iiNet ADSL2+ phone bundles

iiNet plans offer a larger amount of download data if you bundle your $29.95 home phone with your ADSL2+ broadband, with local calls only costing 20 cents per call. If you bundle with the $31.95 landline rental, local calls fall to 17 cents. An example of download data increasing because of being bundled is the $49.95 24-month plan where it increases from 25GB to 100GB!

ADSL broadband internet bundle provider plans

If ADSL2+ isn’t currently available in your location, your next best option is to go for a basic ADSL broadband bundle.

iPrimus ADSL phone bundles

iPrimus have a special offer for 1500kbps ADSL1 broadband bundles on a 24-month contract with all local phone calls included in the price. You can also receive a $10 discount for bundling with the home phone on a $29.95 line rental, with local calls priced at 17.5 cents per call, on no contract, 12-month, or 24-month contracts.

Netspace ADSL phone bundles

also offers a $10 discount on ADSL1 broadband plans when bundled with a home phone. When the landline rental costs $29.95, local calls are charged at 25 cents, when it costs $59.95 they are 22 cents with $50 of call credit, and at $79.95 calls are again 22 cents per call, but with $120 of included call credit. These bundles come on contract lengths of month-to-month, 6-month, 12-month, or 24-month length periods.

iiNet ADSL phone bundles

iiNet gives you larger amounts of download data when you bundle your ADSL1 with their $29.95 home phone rental. Local calls cost 20 cents in the standard bundle, but are 17 cents if you bundle with their $31.95 home phone. An example of a bundle plan being much better than a stand-alone broadband plan is when you pay $49.95. The stand-alone $49.95 plan offers 12GB on a 512kbps speed, while the $49.95 bundle plan gives you 40GB on a 1,500 kbps speed.

When looking for ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband bundles you need to be aware they are only available in limited locations. Call us here at Compare Broadband on 1300 106 571 to see which service is available at your residence.