TPG offers cheap home phone and internet bundle

Home phone and broadband provider TPG is offering a home phone and internet bundle from just $49.99 a month, with no minimum monthly call spend.

The plans are available on super-fast ADSL2+ broadband and include line rental.

For $49.99, TPG customers can download 30GB, split into 15GB during peak times and 15GB at off peak.

For just $10 more, at $59.99 a month, TPG customers can access a massive 500GB, which is split into 150GB for on peak times and 350GB for off peak use.

On the Premium plan, customers can pay $69.99 for 500GB, which can be used at any time of the day.

These prices are very close to Naked broadband plans, making a TPG bundle very attractive to customers who don't want to pay for line rental but would like the convenience of a landline telephone number.

TPG can offer home phone and internet bundles to subscribers with an inactive number, so these plans are also ideal for anyone who has just moved.

On a six-month contract, the set-up fee is $99.95, while on an 18-month contract the set-up fee is $59.95. Peak times are 8:30am-3:30am and off peak times are 3:30am-8:30am.

The plans are shaped to a speed of 256kbps on the $49.99 plan and 1000kbps on the larger plans, which is still a reasonably fast connection.

Call rates are more expensive than some of TPG's competitors, who charge around $30 for line rental. Local calls are 25 cents each (untimed), while STD national calls cost 25 cents per minute with a 39 cent flag fall, however the call is capped at $2 for up to 20 minutes. International calls are quite cheap, however, with a call to the UK costing around 2 cents a minute with a 39 cent connection charge.