A lot of people looking for ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband and home phone bundles would like a plan that includes unlimited local phone calls. Here are some of the best options currently available in Australia:

iPrimus Platinum broadband bundle

For $89.95 on a 24-month contract with iPrimus you can get either a 1500kbps or an ADSL2+ broadband connection, depending on which service is available in your location, with 21 GB (7GB peak, 14GB off-peak) of download data. This price includes home phone line rental and unlimited local phone calls.

Remarkably, there is no set-up cost, and you can receive a 1-port ADSL2+ modem for free. This is a great plan for families or small businesses making a large number of local phone calls each month.

Optus DSL Direct ‘yes’ Fusion ADSL2+ broadband bundles

There are a number of ADSL2+ Optus Fusion plans starting at $79 per month for 7GB, including unlimited local calls, national calls and calls to Optus mobiles.
Prices increase in relation to internet data limits, anywhere up to $129 for 50GB per month. The set-up cost is $99 for a 24-month contract, but comes with a free ADSL2+ modem. These are excellent plans for people who use their landline a lot for local, STD, or Optus landline to Optus mobile phone calls.

BigPond Elite Liberty broadband bundles

These Telstra BigPond plans come with a T-Box on either an ADSL or ADSL2+ connection depending on which service is available in your location. The best value for money plan would probably be the $109 bundle on a 24-month contract with a $35 set-up fee. You get 25GB of data, unlimited local phone calls, and discounted international calls to selected countries.

BigPond have the advantage of being owned by Telstra, which owns Australia’s main telephone infrastructure. This means BigPond can provide ADSL2+ in areas where other Internet Service Providers don’t offer a connection.

iiNet Netphone2 VoIP bundle

The Netphone2 plan is a $9.95 attachment you can add to any iiNet ADSL1500, ADSL8000 or ADSL2+ home phone bundle plan. Here you make phone calls over the internet by plugging your landline phone into a VoIP modem, like iiNet’s popular BoB device.

All local and national calls are included in the $9.95 fee. Currently, the most popular plan to be used in conjunction with this option is probably the ADSL2+ Home2 plan with 200GB (100GB peak, 100GB off-peak) for $49.95 per month. You can bundle this with a $29.95 landline with 20-cent local calls, or $31.95 landline with 17-cent local calls.

If you don’t want to pay for a landline phone rental and ADSL2+ is available in your location, you can still get the Netphone2 on a Naked DSL connection. All you’ll have to pay is $49.95 for the internet, $9.95 for the Netphone2 VoIP service, and either rent BoB for $9.95 a month, or buy BoB outright for $209. Of course, if you already have a VoIP enabled modem you won’t need to worry about BoB.

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