Optus Cable Broadband – no home phone needed!

Optus’ Naked (Standalone) cable broadband is available to customers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The plans suit broadband users who want superfast broadband.

They will also suit customers who either use a VoIP service to make phone calls, or who don’t need a home phone line at all. Going Naked with Optus cable means you won’t have to spend money on the cost of phone line rental each month.

There are five plans to choose from and they start at a very decent 100GB. While the plans are on a 24-month contract, a standard modem is included with the plan, or you can choose a Wi-Fi modem instead for only $120 extra. The 100GB and 200GB unlimited plans have a Wi-Fi modem included.

If you order one of the packages through CompareBroadband.com.au, there is a $0 delivery fee on your modem (usually a $19.95 delivery fee). The setup fee is $249 for a Naked only service.

Customers who are able to connect via cable will have access to superfast cable broadband speeds: 76% of customers with cable broadband can achieve a speed of 8mbps or more. If you’re after Optus’ Supersonic Broadband, you can add an Optus Premium Speed Pack for an extra $20 per month. This can give you access to speeds up to 4x faster than regular cable. This would suit customers with multiple people in their home who need to connect to the internet simultaneously.

If you exceed your peak or off peak data, your speed will be shaped to 64kbps, apart from the 100GB and 200GB unlimited plans where speeds are slowed to 256kbps. This means you won’t have to worry about any excess charges. Peak hours are from 12pm-12am, and off peak from 12am-12pm. This leaves the late morning to use your off peak data!

If you are unsure of how much data you will need, you may be better off to connect to a lower plan, and if you find that it’s not enough, you can move up to a higher plan at no extra cost (just the difference in the plan prices). If you move to a plan on a lower tier, a downgrade fee of $50 applies.

Naked Broadband plans

$59.99 50GB + 70GB
$69.99 75GB + 75GB
$79.99 85GB + 85GB
$109.99 100GB (anytime)
$139.99 200GB (anytime)

If you want to sign up to any of the plans above, or if you want to find out more, call Optus on 1300 137 897.