Many people these days with ADSL, ADSL2+, or Naked DSL connections are using VoIP to make incredibly cheap phone calls. VoIP is where you plug your landline telephone handset into a special VoIP ADSL modem, which then allows you to make and receive phone calls via the internet. On Naked DSL plans this is an excellent telephone option, as you won't need to pay for monthly landline rental.

Exetel VoIP call charges

Exetel's VoIP calls are charged at 10 cents a call to any landline in Australia, untimed. This means calling STD national numbers is the same as calling a local phone number!

Exetel VoIP calls to mobiles cost 22 cents per minute with no flag fee, while calls to 13/1300 numbers cost 30 cents per call. International calls are incredibly cheap as well. For example, calls to the UK or USA are charged at 2 cents per minute with no flag fee.

TPG VoIP call charges

TPG also charge 10 cents a call to any landline in Australia, untimed, which means national calls are again the same price as local calls. Calls to mobile phones are charged at 28 cents per minute, with no flag fee.

TPG have special VoIP deals with ADSL, ADSL2+ and Naked DSL where they include 500 free VoIP minutes each month, but these are charged at a minimum of ten minutes per call, and then per minute thereafter. These free VoIP minutes are only valid for calls to major cities. TPG also have a special monthly $1 cap for 100 minutes of international calls to 47 specified countries.

Netspace VoIP call charges

Netspace charge 15 cents for calls to any fixed landline in Australia for up to 30 minutes, and then 3.5 cents per minute thereafter. Calls to mobiles are priced at 29 cents per minute, while the 'Top 40' international destinations cost 4.9 cents per minute.

iiNet VoIP call charges

iiNet VoIP plans work a little differently. They charge a flat monthly 'Netphone' fee of $9.95, which includes free calls to other Netphones. Local and national calls are 15 cents per call (untimed) on 'Netphone 1' plans, while they are included for free on ‘Netphone 2’ plans. International calls cost a minimum of 5 cents per minute, and calls to mobiles are 29 cents per minute charged in 30-second blocks.

iPrimus VoIP call charges

An iPrimus VoIP service varies even more. iPrimus offer their VoIP 'Lingo Box', which you can subscribe to use for $9.95 (Starter), $19.95 (Family), or $29.95 (Premium) a month. Local and STD calls are charged at 10 cents per call, calls to mobiles are 26 cents per minute, and international calls start from 2.7 cents per minute. What differentiates each plan is the number of included calls.

The Starter plan doesn't include any calls, while the Family plan includes 100 local/STD calls, plus 200 international minutes to iPrimus's 15 favourite countries. The Premium plan provides 200 local/STD calls and 400 minutes to the same 15 international destinations.