People who have only ever used dial-up internet often call us up and ask about whether or not they’ll be able to use an ADSL broadband connection at the same time as their landline telephone. The simple and easy answer is ‘Yes’.

To have an ADSL broadband connection you need an ADSL modem. This is the machine that enables a fast internet connection in your home or business. When you purchase the modem, the general rule is you’ll receive a free central line filter in the modem’s box.

The central line filter plugs into the phone jack in the wall of your home or office. You then have two ports in the filter to plug devices into. Plug your normal telephone cable into one of these ports, and the cable that comes with your modem into the other. Now both the telephone and modem is set-up in a way that allows simultaneous use.

Having a filter on the phone line entering your property allows you to use both the phone and internet concurrently. If you don’t use a filter, you’ll hear a lot of interference on the telephone line, thus making phone calls less than suitable.

However, with a central line filter in place, you will now be able to enjoy a fast broadband internet connection whilst having the ability to talk on the phone at the same time. This can be very useful, as you can talk to a friend about a specific topic, like your impending travel plans together, while searching the internet for cheap flights, hotels, or rental cars as you discuss options.

If you have only ever had dial-up internet, you’ll know when people call you they hear a horrible electronic sound on the line. Not anymore. You can make calls and receive calls with an ADSL broadband connection.

Another major point to consider is the difference in internet speed. These days dial-up is seen as an archaic form of internet access. Dial-up runs at 64kbps, whereas ADSL runs at speeds of 256kbps, 512kbps, 1500kbps, 8000kbps, or ADSL2+, which is up to 24,000kbps. Do the maths and you can see dial-up is the Model T Ford of internet.

The faster speeds of ADSL mean you no longer have to wait for websites to load up. It also allows you to do much more than ever before on the internet. Enter the world of watching online TV (with no commercials), video streaming, making video and audio calls, listening to online music and radio, and fast online shopping. You’ll never miss out on the final bid in an eBay auction again!

Making the change from dial-up to ADSL broadband frees up your life so the internet and your telephone need not get in the way each other. What have you been waiting for?