This Christmas many Australians will be hoping their loved one buys them the futuristic gift of a digital broadband internet gadget. Who wants a woolly jumper, knife set, or shaving kit when you can get modern technology like a handheld go everywhere internet device? Apple iPads are all the rage, and there are also numerous mobile broadband plans from various providers that include netbooks or tablet computers.

Apple iPad plans:

The Apple iPad has taken the global PC, netbook and tablet market by storm. In Australia you can get Apple iPad 3G mobile broadband plans from Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, or 3 Mobile. To the chagrin of USB dongle mobile wireless owners, these providers offer much more data on their iPad plans for a cheaper price. Most plans are sold on prepaid Micro-SIM cards, while both Optus and 3 Mobile also offer month-to-month options.

Note: Consider 3G-mobile wireless network coverage from each provider in your area. This will help you to make your final decision on which plan to go with.

Here are a few of the best Apple iPad plans going around:

Vodafone Prepaid 1GB $14.95 30-day Apple iPad plan: This is a very cheap plan for light users who want to get started on an Apple iPad.

Optus 2GB $20 month-to-month Apple iPad plan: A great option for people who already own an Apple iPad and need to find a cheap plan with a good amount of data on a short contract.

Optus Prepaid 4GB $29.95 30-day Apple iPad plan: This is a lot of Apple iPad data for quite a cheap price. Call Optus on 1300 137 897 for these plans.

Telstra Prepaid 6GB $60.00 30-day Apple iPad plan: This plan provides a lot of Apple iPad data to use each month.

3 Mobile 3GB $29 month-to-month Apple iPad plan: Another great monthly Apple iPad plan, but with even more included data.

Optus mobile wireless broadband with included Samsung Galaxy Tablet plans:

Optus is attempting to attract Samsung Galaxy Tablet enthusiasts by offering mobile wireless broadband plans with the tablet computer included.

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet has an in-built mobile wireless modem, and you’ll get unlimited access within Australia to Optus Webmail, Optus Zoo, all of the major social networking websites like Facebook, eBay, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter and FourSquare, plus a bonus free The Australian newspaper application. The Samsung Galaxy comes with a 3-magapixel camera, 3G-connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0.

Optus mobile broadband $54.95 8GB Samsung Galaxy Tablet plan:

On a 24-month contract you pay $0 upfront and receive the Samsung Galaxy Tablet together with the plan (plus $9.95 delivery).

Optus mobile broadband $59.95 10GB Samsung Galaxy tablet plan:

This is identical to the previous plan, but offers 2GB extra each month for only $5.00 more. Additional data packs can also be purchased.

Optus mobile wireless broadband with included Samsung N220 Netbook plans:

24-month plans start at $34.95 per month for 4GB, $39.95 for 8GB, $59.95 for 10GB, or $79.95 for 16GB. All plans include a Samsung N220 Netbook computer with an in-built mobile wireless modem that runs at speeds of up to 7.2Mbps. The N220’s battery will last up to 12 hours.

These plans are much the same as the Samsung Galaxy Tablet options, but do not include The Australian newspaper application. Windows 7 Starter is included on the 250GB hard drive, with 1GB of RAM, and the netbook’s display is a 10.1” LCD WSVGA screen.

Dodo mobile wireless broadband with included U900 Netbook plans:

Dodo also offers a free netbook with mobile wireless plans from 1GB for $19.90 per month, 2GB for $29.90 per month, $39.90 for 4GB, or $49.90 for 5GB. All plans are for 24 months and include a USB mobile wireless modem, a 150Mb 3G router and the U900 Netbook.

The U900 Netbook has an 8.9” screen, weighs less than 1kg, has built-in Wi-Fi and Windows XP Home comes pre-installed. The U900 has a 8GB SSD hard drive and 512 MB of RAM.

If you want Santa to bring you a gift, or if you’re looking for a present that will blow your loved one away, these broadband gadgets could be one of your best options to put under the Christmas tree. Whether it’s an Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, or mobile wireless netbook deal that you finally choose there are bound to be smiles and rosy cheeks during present-opening time.