Upgrade to a better broadband plan for free

Depending on which Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are signed up with, it is always worth checking to see if you can move to a better plan – even if you are within contract.

The broadband market is competitive – which is great for us, because it means that plans continue to get cheaper, while also packing in more data.

While you may only be a short way through a long term contract, it’s worth keeping an eye on your provider’s newer plans for better deals. Sometimes, depending on your situation, you may be able to move to a new plan for the same cost with more data included each month.

For example, TPG used to include 30GB in one of their bundle plans for $49.99 per month, however now this has changed to a 100GB allowance per month. So why not give TPG a call to see if they can move you over to the new plan at no extra cost?

While we can’t guarantee that this will be an option for you, it’s always worth contacting your provider directly to ask! Some providers may also offer you a new plan with no cancellation fee on your current contract if you agree to sign up to a new contract.

Why can't my provider move me automatically?

When you sign a contract with an ISP, both sides are agreeing to the terms. This means the ISP cannot make any changes to the plan without your permission, even when it is to improve the plan. So you will have to monitor plan changes yourself on the website and get in touch by email or phone if you notice your plan has changed for the better.

When would my plan change?

It depends on your provider. For example, Internode will change your plan on the next billing date, while TPG will change it within a few days of your request. Contact your ISP to find out the process.

How do I find out about a plan change?

Your ISP may email you from time to time to tell you about new plans, but equally it may not tell you at all. But you can keep an eye out for plan changes by checking our website or your ISP's own website.

What if I want to downgrade?

If a new plan appears at a cheaper price, this would be considered a downgrade rather than an upgrade. Your ISP may allow you to downgrade but there will probably be a one-off fee.