VoIP Call Rates Compared

Home phones are on the way out, and Naked broadband with VoIP is on the way in. Consumers are slowly catching on to the savings they can make by making calls from a VoIP phone. You can also avoid monthly phone line rental which can often cost about $30 a month. Australians are also realising that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use a VoIP service.

Many providers offer VoIP customers the ability to make and receive calls from their VoIP phone. Some providers such as Engin even allow customers to use their existing home phone number to use the service. Your computer doesn’t need to be on to make calls, and a VoIP phone can make calls to both VoIP and regular landlines or mobiles.

Due to VoIP’s increasing popularity, more internet service providers are offering VoIP as one of their key products along with broadband. Providers such as Engin offer a range of VoIP plans, while some providers offer a one-size-fits-all VoIP service. VoIP local, national as well as international calls tend to be far cheaper than rates offered on a regular phone service, with international rates depending on which country you are calling.

Below we have provided a summary which compares the VoIP call rates on some of the most popular VoIP plans. To get an idea of how cheap the international call rates are, we have provided the rate to call landlines in both India and the UK.


When you bundle a TPG VoIP service with one of their broadband plans, you will receive 500 minutes of free VoIP calls (10 minute minimum on each call) to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.  If you use your VoIP service with a Naked DSL plan, you will also receive a new free phone number so that you can receive incoming calls to your VoIP phone. There is no extra monthly fee or line rental –VoIP charges will only consist of the calls you make.

Local and national landlines: 10c untimed

Mobiles: 28c/min (in Australia)

India and the UK: 1.99c/min


Exetel  has a few different VoIP plans available, but below we have provided details for the Post VoIP 0 plan which has no extra monthly fee when it’s bundled with an Exetel broadband plan.

Local and national landlines: 10c untimed

Mobiles: 22c/min (in Australia)

India: 3c/min

UK: 2c/min


There are five plans on offer from Engin to suit your VoIP usage. Click here to view Engin’s VoIP plans in more detail. Below we have provided the details for Engin’s $9.95 starter pack. If you purchase an Engin broadband plan, you can bundle it with your VoIP plan and save on the monthly cost.

Local and national landlines: 10c untimed

Mobiles: 27c/min (in Australia)

India: 9.9c/min

UK: 3.5c/min

iiNet and Westnet

Both iiNet and Westnet refer to their VoIP service as a ‘Netphone,’ so don’t let this confuse you. With each of these providers, there are two plans available: Netphone1 and Netphone2. Netphone1 can be added to any compatible iiNet/Westnet broadband plan, whereas Netphone2 is for customers with an iiNet or Westnet broadband service and regular home phone. Below, we have provided the details for the Netphone1 service; however the Netphone2 plan provides unlimited local and national VoIP calls and the same mobile and international call rates as the Netphone1 plan.

Local and national landlines: 15c untimed

Mobiles: 29c/min (in Australia)

India: 29c/min

UK: 5c/min


Netspace offers one VoIP plan with no extra monthly fees. This VoIP service is for outbound calls only – you will not be able to receive calls on a Netspace VoIP phone. Customers will need to be on a Netspace broadband plan to be able to connect with this VoIP service.

Local and national landlines: 15c/30 mins, 3.5c/min after

Mobiles: 29c/min (in Australia)

India: 22c/min

UK: 4.9c/min