• Great...deals?
  • Lenovo one to watch out for
  • Kogan joining in as well



From 7pm, AEST tonight, a site called Click Frenzy will be hosting a massive online sale incorporating hundreds of retailers. The idea will be that deals will go up every few minutes, with the option to add items to your cart, and then have them all delivered by a central organization (instead of by the individual retailers themselves) for a low price. 

click frenzy


Apart from the usual pre-Christmas sales, this is an attempt by Australian retailers to do a couple of things. The most obvious is to combat the recent exodus from bricks-and-mortar shops to online retailers and eBay. The other is to capitalize on the well-known US phenomenons of ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ – two days following Thanksgiving (last Thursday in November) in which retailers mark down items massively in an attempt to get back into the ‘black’. Cyber Monday is just the technology focused part of that, usually taking place online. 


Probably not. Sites like Shopping Express and OO.com.au have taken the concept all year round for a wide array of goods – from Christmas lights and umbrellas to TVs and computers. Kogan has cornered the market for cheap electronics online, by going straight to China and having many of their items built under their own brand name. So you can anticipate that many of these deals are going to be discounts from already inflated retail prices. Keep your head on straight!

Any previews?

Gizmodo Australia has gotten their hands on a few. Here’s a shortlist of proper bargains, in that these are worthwhile items that have been knocked down significantly:


$300 off 46-inch Borderless LED TV ($499 down from $799)


 20% off everything, including movies and games


Lenovo are a PC maker who were formally IBM’s PC division. 

ThinkPad Tablet 64GB — $399

ThinkPad Edge E530 laptop — $549 (Core i5-3210M, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD)

ThinkCentre M72z desktop — $399 (Pentium G630T, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD)

The Good Guys

Not participating in Click Frenzy, but they are offering up to $250 cash back on some items. Click here for more details