Club Telco is attacking the Australian ADSL broadband market by offering internet plans without long-term contracts or set-up fees. There are three basic ADSL plans on offer, with the speed being dependent on your location and the type of phone exchange you live near. You’ll either get ADSL2+, or ADSL1MAX, which runs at 1500kbps.

Club Telco ‘Club 10’ ADSL broadband plan:

For $30 a month you can get 10GB of data, which you can use anytime you like. One very good part of this plan is if you reach your monthly data quota Club Telco shape your speed to 1Mbps (1000kbps). If you are in a regional area on ADSL1MAX, your speed would only decrease a little, and if you were on ADSL2+, unlike some providers that slow you down to dial up speed (64kbps), you’ll still have a pretty quick connection.

Only downloads are counted towards your monthly quota, which means all uploads are free. These are month-to-month contracts with no set-up fees, and if you never want the speed to slow down you have the option of buying data packs to top-up your connection. The data packs come with 20GB for $20, 50GB for $30, or 100GB for $40.

Modems at Club Telco are very cheap, with a 1-port plug-in modem costing just $40, a Wi-Fi 4-port modem for $60, or a ‘Wireless All-In-One’ modem for $90. There is a $14 delivery fee, but when it arrives the device is already preconfigured with your user name and password, so all you’ll have to do is plug it in and you’re away!

Club Telco ‘Club 50’ ADSL broadband plan:

This is the most popular Club Telco plan currently on the broadband market. For $50 a month you get 50GB to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with only downloads counted towards your monthly quota.

Again, this is a month-to-month contract with no set-up fees, and your speed will depend on the type of phone exchange you live near, with metropolitan areas having a higher chance of receiving an ADSL2+ connection. Shaping speed is 1Mbps if you reach your monthly quota, and excess data packs are available if needed.

Club Telco ‘Club Unlimited’ ADSL broadband plan:

For $70 a month you’ll get unlimited ADSL2+ or ADSL1MAX broadband internet. There is no shaping speed, as this is a truly unlimited plan!

All three of these Club Telco ADSL broadband connections can be purchased as stand-alone plans in conjunction with your already active telephone service, or you can bundle the broadband with a home phone line at Club Telco for $30 a month more. There is also a $50 landline option that includes $50 worth of calls to local, national, mobile, or international numbers.

You could also add a Club Telco VoIP plan to your connection, with $15 buying unlimited local and national VoIP calls over the internet, or $25 getting you these unlimited calls, plus 500 included minutes to mobile phones. To use the VoIP service you can buy Club Telco’s VoIP Box for $55 plus $14 delivery.