Club Telco are relatively new to the broadband market, however they already provide nearly 60,000 services to customers across Australia. Club Telco are Australian owned, and have many of their support operations based in Australia.

There is an annual $50 membership fee to be part of “the club,” however this also covers the set-up fee cost and relocation fees if you need to take your service to a new address. Club Telco offers ADSL, ADSL2+, mobile broadband, fibre broadband, home phones and VoIP. They don’t offer Naked DSL, so you will need to have an active home phone line with all of their ADSL plans. Club Telco provides customers with a five percent discount if you bundle your home phone and broadband services together. Customers who add a mobile phone as well will get a 10 percent discount off their monthly bill.

Only downloads contribute toward your ADSL monthly data allowance, and there are no excess usage fees on ADSL broadband plans. Mobile broadband plans count uploads as well.

Time to activate:

A home phone takes 3-5 working days to transfer to Club Telco, and an ADSL service takes 5-10 working days to activate.

Peak times:

There are no peak or off peak time restrictions with Club Telco broadband plans.

Tech support:

Customer service: 9am-6pm Monday-Friday
Technical support: 9am-10pm Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm Saturday and Sunday

Downgrade fee:

There are no downgrade fees as customers are not on a fixed-term contract.

Cost of initial set-up:
There are no set-up fees, however customers need to pay an annual $50 membership fee.

Contract lengths:
All ADSL plans are on a flexible month-by-month basis.

Wired 1-port modem: $40
Wireless 4-port modem: $60
Wireless all in one (includes a VoIP adaptor): $90
Mobile wireless broadband modem: $29

A delivery fee of $14 applies to all hardware.

Cancellation fees:
There are no cancellation fees as customers are not on a fixed-term contract.

Customers can pay by direct debit, credit card, Bpay or at an Australia Post outlet. There are no surcharges for any of these payment methods.

Other frequently asked questions about Club Telco broadband service:

What are the shaping speeds on ADSL plans?

Customers are shaped to 1Mbps for downloads, and 384Kbps for uploads. There are no shaping speeds on the unlimited broadband plan.

Can I relocate my home phone and/or broadband plan with Club Telco?

Yes. Club Telco will relocate your services to your new address, and there are no relocation fees. Club Telco will even credit your monthly plan fees the month after you move so you get one month’s free access.

What is the Club Telco VoIP plan?

Club Telco offers unlimited local and national calls on their VoIP services. Plans start at $15 per month.

How much will it cost to set up a Club Telco ADSL1 or ADSL2+ broadband service?
Customers will need to pay the first month’s fee, plus the $50 annual membership fee.

Does Club Telco's home phone line support a FAX service?
Customers can add a FAX to their Club Telco home phone line for an extra $5 per month without installing a new line into their property.