Club Telco mobile broadband plans

  • Regional unlimited data
  • Club Telco offers account managers
  • Great customer service

Club Telco offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on each of its four simple mobile broadband plans, in case the network coverage is not up to expectations.

Using the Optus network, Club Telco mobile broadband reaches 97% of the Australian population.

However, there are lot of factors affecting mobile broadband signal strength. Although Club Telco can give customers some idea of the coverage level in their area before signing up, there is always the chance that in reality the service is just too slow to be useable.

This uncertainty may put off some customers from locking themselves into a mobile broadband contract, so a money back guarantee is a welcome feature.

Club Telco offers four simple plans, all on month-to-month contracts: 500MB for $10 a month, 1.5GB for $20 a month, 6GB for $40 a month and 10GB for $60 a month.

There are no peak and off peak times on these plans and no excess useage charges, so no bill shock to worry about. Instead, the service is restricted and customers have the option to buy extra data packs.

Club Telco sends out a free SIM card with free delivery, which you can either use with your existing mobile broadband dongle, or buy a modem from Club Telco for just $29, plus $14 delivery.

These plans are only available to Club Telco members. Membership costs $50 a year and this fee is added to the first payment on your plan.

However, Club Telco customers are given a discount card that can be used in supermarkets, cinema chains, coffee shops, car hire outlets and other services across Australia.

To sign up to a Club Telco mobile broadband plan, call on 1300 304 712.