Family Broadband Plans

Families with school-age children often need an internet connection for study, work and play. Good value, a reasonable amount of data, and cheap phone calls are usually high on the agenda. These criteria point toward an ADSL2+ bundle deal, or a fast ADSL1 bundle.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer good discounts to customers who bundle a home phone and internet service together, and families also benefit from the convenience of a single bill for their telecommunications. Mobile phone plans can often be added as well, with further discounts or free minutes offered for calls on the same network.

If you plan to watch YouTube, download movies and music, stream catch-up TV, or make cheap calls over VoIP, you should be looking for a medium-sized plan of around 20GB, with an ADSL2+ speed, or an ADSL1 speed of 1,500kbps or more. If you are planning to use the kid's Xbox to watch FOXTEL, you will need a heavy downloader's plan, or an unlimited plan.

Families sharing one internet connection between several people should consider using a Wi-Fi router, which creates a secure wireless network in the home. When shopping around for a provider, ask if a discounted or free Wi-Fi modem is available on the plan. If not, you can either buy a pre-configured modem from your provider, or configure your own device.

Don't forget, parents with school-age children who use an internet connection for study can claim a tax rebate from the Government in their tax return under Education Tax Refund rules.