iiNet 4-port with VoIP

Belkin 4-Port VoIP Modem/Router

The Belkin 4-Port VoIP Modem/Router available to iiNet customers when signing up to an ADSL, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL provides fast high speed broadband access for up to 4 computers connected via Ethernet cable. The modem is VoIP ready which mean iiNet customers can take advantage of the cheap local, national, international and mobile calls available on an iiNet VoIP plan. The Belkin 4-port VoIP modem is also ADSL2+ enable meaning iiNet ADSL2+ and Naked DSL customers can take advantage of high speed internet speeds up to 20,000kbps where available.

The iiNet Belkin 4-port VoIP Modem/router comes with an installation CD that will quickly set up your modem and computer to access the internet. You will need the username and password as supplied to you by iiNet during the signup process.  Before starting the installation you will need to make sure there are line filter installed on every device running on your telephone line. If you home phone is not filtered through a line filter it can disrupt the ADSL signal.

Once you have installed your line filters you will need to connect the power cable to the modem. When the modem is on the lights on the front panel should light up. You will then need to connect a phone cable into the back of the modem, in the ADSL port.  You will then need to connect the supplied Ethernet cable into one on the LAN ports on the modem and then into your computer. You are now ready to run the installation CD that will prompt your for y our iiNet username and password. You will need to enter the username and password exactly as it was provided to you by iiNet.

The installation CD will also guide you through the process of setting up other computers to connect to the internet through your Belkin 4-Port VOIP modem. When your modem is successfully connected to the internet and ready to use the ADSL Light on the front of the modem should turn solid blue. If the light isn’t solid blue or you cannot connect to the internet you should first try and re-run the installation CD, making sure you have the correct username and password. If you aren’t sure if you have the correct username or password you will need to contact iiNet.

The installation CD will also help you to set up your wireless connection and VoIP service you will need the details and the phone number assigned to your iiNet VoIP service to set up VoIP capabilities. iiNet technical support is the best place to call if you are having trouble setting up a wireless or VoIP network on your Belkin 4-port VoIP modem after you have completed the installation process.  The phone 1 and phone 2 ports on the back of the modem are for your VoIP phone service.