iPad Broadband plans

The Apple iPad and Apple iPad 2 have begun to change the way people around the world interact with their computer, as well as with each other. This tablet computer was revolutionary when it first came onto the scene, and one and half years later it still dominates the tablet industry. Some would argue every other tablet device is simply attempting to copy the Apple iPad.

No other tablet computer has such an extensive range of apps (applications) as those from the Apple iTunes Store. There are apps for every conceivable need or purpose, be it for social media, communication, gaming, video, music, internet, entertainment, utilities, reference, navigation, photography, business, reading, or education. The list of apps is practically endless; there are currently over 90,000 to choose from.

These days it is almost impossible to see a business meeting without an iPad present. It’s so much lighter to carry and easy to pass around when compared to a laptop. Your kids can play iPad games when on an airplane, and you can bet there is no better way to show family and friends your latest digital photographs.

Nothing in life is perfect, and to date the main gripe people have with the Apple iPad is the lack of USB ports and Adobe Flash capabilities. However, the iPad’s high quality multimedia systems, its long battery life, plus its thin and ultra light casing means these rare foibles have not made much of a difference to consumer opinion.

Most people who buy an Apple iPad use it at home via Wi-Fi, connected to their fixed line ADSL2+ connection. If they want to travel around town or interstate and access the internet while on the move, they buy the 3G Mobile Broadband enabled iPad. Mobile Wireless broadband lets you go online anywhere your provider’s mobile tower’s coverage has a strong signal.

You can get 3G Mobile Wireless broadband plans for your Apple iPad or Apple iPad 2 from Optus (1300 768 194), Dodo (1300 136 793) or Amaysim (1300 763 813).