Light User Plans

Light user broadband plans are internet plans with around 10GB of data or less. A light user may only use the internet occasionally, or every day; the important factor is what the user is doing on the internet. Light use is any activity that does not require much bandwidth, including checking emails, online shopping, using Facebook and paying bills.
Light user internet plans are suited to people who don't require much data each month and don't want to overpay for data they are not going to use on their plan. Users who regularly stream TV shows, download high quality movies and music albums, make lots of video calls, or share an internet connection with several other people may require a medium or heavy downloader plan.

Light user plans are available on mobile broadband, ADSL1 and ADSL2+ connections. While mobile broadband plans are attractive to light users as there are a wide range of plans and providers to choose from and there is no need for a phone line, be aware that the speed is not as fast as ADSL1 and ADSL2+ plans. It's worth comparing a light mobile broadband plan with light ADSL2+ broadband bundle plans as you may find an ADSL2+ connection is cheaper as well as faster, especially if you already pay for a home phone service.

When shopping around for light user broadband plans, make sure you have enough data when you need to use it, as many plans are split into peak and off-peak periods. Bundling an ADSL2+ plan with a home phone service will often save money on both services, as will signing up to a longer contract. Before signing up, ask if there is a charge for upgrading to a higher plan in or out of contract. Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) allow customers to upgrade for free if you decide you need more data.