Naked Broadband Plans

A lot of people would like to have fast, stable broadband internet at home, without having to rent a landline telephone service. This is where Naked DSL comes into play. You get a very quick ADSL2+ connection on a copper telephone line, but the phone element is deactivated, and you don’t need to pay for phone line rental.

Like ADSL2+ broadband, Naked DSL is usually only available in metropolitan areas. Some companies can set-up the service from an inactive phone line (when you don’t have a phone number), but others need your phone line to be active before they can provide the service.

Technically, Naked DSL is a 3-step process. You activate a phone line, put ADSL2+ on the line, and then deactivate the phone element leaving only the internet running. Even though you can no longer make normal landline telephone calls, if you have an ADSL2+ VoIP enabled modem router, you can make phone calls over the internet. VoIP phone calls are very cheap, and are usually of good quality, although sometimes not as good as a standard landline connection. There are also a number of mobile phone plans with unlimited standard calls and text for customers who'd prefer to use their mobile instead of a home phone.

As Naked DSL is a form of ADSL2+ broadband, the speed runs at up to 24Mbps, slowing down gradually the further you live away from the telephone exchange. This speed is good enough for several computers to be online at the same time, and is suitable for downloading large files, watching streaming video, or viewing online TV. As the speed is so fast, data limits on many Naked DSL plans are very high, so you won’t ever need to worry about the connection slowing down. There are also Naked cable internet plans if you want cable broadband speeds and no home phone line.